SPUD X Makes Another Successful Trip Across the Globe - Prize Qualifier's List & Honorable Mentions

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SPUD X - Full Circle

Another great turn out for STEEM POWER UP DAY, making SPUD X another successful event. SPUD has just about passed American Samoa and the International Dateline, officially ending SPUD's run. There were many new participants that took part in SPUD X for the first time and there were of course many returning SPUD supporters, with a great part of those not even qualifying for SPUD prizes. These Steemians Powered Up for the Love of STEEM.

KUDOS to All SPUD X participating Steemians!

In the list, I am only putting user names for now and I will post another unofficial list later today with numbers after some sleep time. Meanwhile, just make sure that I did catch your Steem Power up and you are on this list. Then pay attention for the follow up post and then verify that my numbers are correct for your up vote and account.



*stopped power down

Honorable Mentions


Prize Correction

No major changes, just a small correction to @livinguktaiwan's prize.

  • All eligible SPUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 10 STEEM POWER (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @livinguktaiwian

-- please note this prize has been corrected from 10 Steem to 10 Steem Power


To everyone involved with SPUD in one way or another, THANK YOU for doing your part. The Steem Blockchain is a better place because of Steemians like you!!

Unofficial SPUD Winner's List Coming after a few hours of sleep.
Thank you for your patience, and again, for making #SPUDX an Excellent Event.

Take care, Full Steem Ahead!

+++ @streetstyle


Thank you mentioning me ;) I am glad be part of SPUD X

I don't know how many participants were in the previous rounds, but this looks really great!!!

I haven't had a chance to compare....maybe once it slows down I can take a look. Thanks though @ph1102 for joining us for the #spud fun!

Looking forward to the next edition!

2 in a row....missing 😄

Man, not sure why....thanks for your patience and understanding @steemflow hopefully I can get it right for the next #spud. Take care and I have updated my list and it will be coming out shortly.

Thank you very much. It is great we can spud together.

Very good friends

Wooo!Lol It was fun.Thanks for doing it.

Glad you enjoyed, as did many others. And thank you @htwegyi for joining us in the #spud fun! Take care.

SPUDX was done successfully.
Special thanks all Sponsors and Participated persons.

Hello my friend...

When you have time, could you please contact me about that MAP initiative?

Find me at Wes Philbin #5391

Hello @wephilbin Not on discord much but I just did send a friend request, let me know what is on your mind. thanks.

Was just trying to get ahold of @drutter, but managed to do so... thank you, my friend!

Buenas amigo,spudx va como un cohete rumbo al exito,va inalcansable,muchos saludos que la este pasando bien son mis deseos

Gracias Petra, aqui calculando los numeros para despues compartir los premios. Saludos.

Thanks for the mention.
Great this SPUD!

Respect, and mille grazie ;)

congratulation all participants. we do power up together as a support of #spud. we must thank to @streetstyle and all sppnsors who make this great initiative more interesting

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Yeah!!! Steem ON!!! 🔥💪✌️

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Hi @greatnorthcrypto

This was a strange way to protest, the rules are there.
is there anything in the regulations you don't understand?
And why are you flagging the post?

Hello @greatnorthcrypto Did I miss you on the list? Or are you just sad cause you missed this #spudx ? Which is ok because there will be another #spud next month.

ps. I just saw Xpilar's comment... so it has something to do with the rules??

here it is @greatnorthcrypto answered me

gotta make sure I use up my downvote power somehow. Don't want whales to come along and downvote me because I don't use it. : D

Next context make sure the example used at the bottom of the post, the last thing you read, is using sums that are * within * the threshold of the contest. The example uses the sum of 200 sp instead of the required 250 which is confusing.

Yes, I understand the frustration @xpilar and I will fix it for next time. I did try to make it up to Oblivioncubed with a mention on my last post.

Hi @streetstyle

see that the comments have been deleted from @greatnorthcrypto
can't remember if it had anything to do with @oblivioncubed, but the case was pretty similar

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