From Steem with Love II, SPUD 7 FINAL Winner's List + Some Stats- [steem] [blockchain] [community]

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SPUD 7 Success!

I apologize for not posting the Final list a little sooner. It was the weekend and I got caught up with family events. I had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too!

Congrats to all the winners! This is the final list, Sponsors please send out your prizes. No one was missed or left out. I did have a couple of newer members ask about the list, but luckily everyone that qualified seems to have been included. I did see a lot of new "faces" or rather user names joining in on the SPUD movement. As always, there were Steemians that made some great STEEM POWER UP moves but didn't get in on the list. If you posted with a #spud hash I most likely did see it and I thank you for supporting the SPUD movement.

On that note I also apologize if I did not reply back to you either, I do try but with SPUD growing the comments do so too, making it a little harder to get back to all of you. I also do re-steem many of the SPUD Steem Power Up posts, but I also miss some. It is just that there are quite a few post to go through while keeping track of the qualifying Power Ups for SPUD prizes, so I also might not get to re-steem all the posts.

Nonetheless this was a great turn out and SPUD continues to grow, and I do believe the prizes will also grow for SPUD 8, which is great news.


PlaceSteemiansPowered UpSteem PowerPercentage

*no particular order

SPUD Numbers

The SPUD qualifying entrants powered up just shy of 6400 Steem Power all together.
Great job Steemains!!
According to @penguinpablo 's Steem Stats that he publishes, for November 1, the Steem Community powered up 130,000 Steem on that day. Also, if you noticed the weekly average was negative by only 3000 Steem Powered Down, which is a great sign in my opinion. Another positive stat that I liked seeing was the progression of increased Steem Dollars being converted into Steem. This doesn't necessarily imply that this Steem was powered up but it sure does seem correlated especially since the numbers of Steem Dollars being converted into Steem were increasing as the day of SPUD approached, with November 1 being the day with the largest Steem Dollar to Steem conversion.



In the next chart we see STEEM POWERED UP vs. STEEM POWERED DOWN on the weekly. Based on this chart, it also seems the trend line for STEEM POWERED UP is climbing, note the red arrow. In the chart below this one, you see a Daily Chart for Steem Powered Down vs. Steem Powered Up. I circled in red a Huge Powered Down that was happening for a while. I can only guess as to what account that was, but without proof will just stay quiet and grateful that it ended. Also, in the blue, you do notice that now there are two Power Downs that recently started and look to be around for the next 10 weeks or so unless they stop powering down. Luckily they are not as Huge as the red in the red circle, so if the Steem Community can come to together to counter these Power Downs, it won't be that hard. Hopefully SPUD8 get bigger and badder, making those powering down regret it and instead join the Power Up movement.

In the final chart, I just wanted to point out that two of the SPUD prize Sponsors made it on Penguin Pablo's Larger Power Up list. @bippe and @reflektor Congrats and thanks for that show of Steem Love and Support while SPUD-ding!!




Well there you go.....let me know what you think about SPUD and it effect on these power downs.

Have Great Steem Week Everyone!

+++ @streetstyle

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Congratulations to all the winners
I also want to thank everyone who contributes and supports SPUD
You all make SPUD get bigger and bigger every time

Thank you @streetstyle. This report give us description about SPUD as a movement. ( I am really glad you make it and I want this kind for next SPUD). I know that many effort have been done. I believe we can do something, but we need make a bigger blow up SPUD in order to get more and more powered up. By this report we know that still occurred power down. May be power downer need money to make other need. We can't force it. May be we must make a hard effort again to give explanation to do power down on other day.
By the way thank you for including me as a winner? I am so glad to take a part in this SPUD.
Congratulate for other winners.Thank you for all sponsors @xpilar, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @reflektor, @bippe, @hingsten, @improv, @traciyork, @stemit-nz, @pennsif, @davedickeyyall, @tattoodjay.

Those massive 13 powerdown peaks were from our steemit friends I guess.
Hope they will not doing it soon again.

I believe so too @toofasteddie There are now two Power downs that also just started, although not quite as large as the one you mention, so maybe #spud8 can blow it away for next month. Take care y asta luego.

Yaaay, I have won second place!

Many thanks to @streetstyle for organizing this event and I hope that you will have a lot more work next month when even more people participate :)

Good job and now take a break a few days! :)

Thanks @ph1102 and congrats on the win. And thanks for doing your #spud part... hope to see you for #spu8 Take care and have a good one!!


Thank you!

Great SPUD everyone! Let's make Spud8 even bigger. Cheers for making this happen @streetstyle 🍻

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Thank you @vcclothing for joining us on #spud and yes, let us make #spud8 even greater. Take care and have a great week!

GodSpeed SPUD Good 💙

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.023을 보팅해서 $0.019을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6863번 $82.159을 보팅해서 $90.996을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Great to occupy the no 1 spot this time

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Way to go @paragism, good move.

Great job @paragism Take care and have a great week!

Buen inicio de semana apreciado amigo,gracias por la informacion,agradecida,Dios lo cuide y acompañe en todo lo que se proponga,saludos

Greta to see SPUD & was a success please let me know who I should send the SBI Prize to :)

@tattoodjay The first place winner is @paragism and yes, #spud is gaining momentum and hopefully #spud8 can do even better. Take care and have a great week!

Cool ten SBII shares sent to @paragism

Many thanks

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Most welcome

Wow, Congratulation to SPUD7 about Succesful. Next to SPUD8!

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Oh my God. I think I have a lot of emotion!
Congratulations to all participants and winners. :-)))
Pay attention to the next SPUD

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SPUD on!

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Congratulations to those who won.

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Congrats to all the winners -- and thanks for the delegation! Already got some plans for how to max out the use of that ... and, it was nice to see just how serious about powering up one had to be to even PLACE in this contest. I accept fifth because it was literally the best I could do ... but y'all get ready for me on #spud9 ... just a little friendly competition for the good of Steem ...

Congrats @paragism


Congratulations to all the winners.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Great! Congrats for those winners and participants!

Thanks for this incentive and movement!

@tipu curate

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Thank you @orjantomarcelo and thanks for doing your part for #spud Hope to see you for #spud8 Take care!!

My pleasure my friend. I will enter for spud8! Take care too.

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Thank you all.
Steem price is increasing Gradually.
Steem price will up as the rocket fly soon.

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Thanks @golden.future Maybe for #spud8 we can make a larger impact on the Steem price. Not sure if we did this time but it is nice to know that the possibility is there. Take care!

Okay, now that the top winners have been finalized, it's time for my drawing. I put all the names into the Random Result generator -

SPUD7 drawing.jpg

And the winner is...

SPUD7 winner of drawing.jpg

Just sent the 7 Steem to your wallet, @rokhani - enjoy, and happy #SPUD!

Congrats @rokhani and thank you @traciyork for helping support #spud and the Steem Community.

You're very welcome, @streetstyle! Thank you in return for putting this #SPUD initiative together every month. Oh, and to make it official, I plan to do another giveaway for #SPUD8 - the prize will of course be 8 Steem. 😊

Forget the FUD Power Up on SPUD.gif

Cool, I will be doing a #spud8 post soon.... and this reply with this gif just finished helping me with an idea I have been contemplating for the next #spud post.

Thank you @streetstyle for great initiative
SPUD will always GREAT!!

Thank you so much @traciyork. It make me get double prize.
SPUD is about love
SPUD is about us
SPUD is our steps to proof our love to Steem

Warm regard form Indonesia

You are very welcome, @rokhani! I completely agree - #SPUD is a wonderful way to show our commitment to the blockchain we all love. Best wishes back to you from New England. 😊

Thank you for this and congratulations to all the winners. BTW, I just powered up 18 today. I decided not to wait :P

Good moves @fionasfavourites Thanks for supporting #spud and hopefully you can join us for #spud8 Take care and have a great week!

And you, too!

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I hear you about getting caught up with family stuff - had a busy few days myself, but I will be back in the morning with the results of my drawing!

Congratulations to all the winners. So pleased to be part of this wonderful movement. Steem on my friends. Hoping #spud8 kicks arse.
Great job @streetstyle!

nothing like some potatoes in the morning!

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Hi @streetstyle, I hope you are well!

I am not sure if/what prize I should be getting for my humble 18th place, nothing on the horizon so far...

Have a great weekend!

I believe @improv was rewarding places 6th-20th with 5 Steem basic Income units.... reply here by typing !sbi status and I think the autobot will respond with your allocated amount of Steem Basic Income.

Hi @streetstyle!

  • you have 105 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 246930742836 or 0.083 $
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Now If I could just figure out how to get some Bonus Units for SBI

Bonus units are typically from delegation. You get 1 bonus units for each 2 SP that you delegate to @steembasicincome.

Thank you @sbi-booster If I may ask another question, can I just delegate through say and the rest is automatic or do I have to do something else?
Again, thank you.

You may delegate through SteemWorld or any tool of your choice and the rest is automatic. The minimum delegation increment to receive bonuses is 2 SP.

Thanks @sbi-booster Delegation boost coming soon!

@sbi-booster I delegated 1000SP to @steembasicincome but I don't see it in my stats. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Apologies for the delayed response. I think it just hadn't come through yet, since I am seeing the transaction as processed in the DB from 19 November.

Sorry for persisting with this, I am just curious if there is a list where I can see delegations? I have used the Google spreadsheet, so maybe I am missing something or I am not looking in the right place. Thanks again.

Oh, I found it, transfer was 5 days ago, I wasn't aware until now :) so all good! Thanks so much, @streetstyle!


!sbi status

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  • your rshares balance is 246930742836 or 0.083 $
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