Continuing the Agent 005 story in the Movie-ment of SPUD

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Continuing the Agent 005 story in the Movie-ment of SPUD

The head of the SPUD agent, @streetstyle has instructed agent 005 to immediately complete his mission. Collect as many Steem as possible from the Exchange crime to save Steem world. Because of that, he immediately met people close to him. so he immediately contacted large agents in various countries. He contacted @xpilar, a well-known agent who disguised himself as an art work expert. As soon as he received support as a sponsor.He also asked the @xilar agent to coordinate all the teams in his network such as @sultan-aceh living in Indonesia, and other agents such as @bippe, @reflektor and @hingsten. Thanks to this network 005 agents have the certainty of financial support as a stimulant for Steemians who will be invited to work together to thwart Power down, transfers and sales of Steem. Agent 005 also meet @improv, @jlsplatts, @traciyork,@braaiboy to get support. He immediately contacted the head office to inform this happy news. But the mission that must be carried out by agent 005 is still not complete. So he went straight to the city of Rockvile to meet other friends, @golden.future, @cryptopie, @bxlphabet, @elsiekjay, @jeronimorubio, @steemit-nz, @eddiespino, @anasuleidy, @alokkumar121, @cryptopie, @crypticat, @crypticat, @aulia1993 , @bxlphabet, @adeljose, @kiwicrypto, @khaimi, @orjantomarcelo, @riverflows, @joshman, @aggamun, @financialadvice, @htwgyi, @hatoto, @forexbrokr, @mamamyanmar, @cassillas5553, @steemnepal @nayhlaingsoe, @saboin, @chekohler, @vcclothing, @mcoinz79, @madushanka, @maxwellmarcusart, @scorer, @davedickeyyall, @ezzy, @fionafavourites, @toofasteddie, @exyle, @maxwellmarcusart, @scorer, @davedickeyyall, @ezzy, @fionafavourites, @toofasteddie, @exyle, @maxwellmarcusart, @scorer, @davedickeyyall, @ezzy, @fionafavourites, @toofasteddie, @exyle, @maxwellmarcusart, @brorerjos8, @brittandjosie @reeta0119, @javiersebastian, @tya.saputry. He asked to immediately guerrilla to infiltrate the SPUD virus to be able to master the information from STeem world.
However, given the poor time he also broadcasted through various other facilities.
not infrequently he without question
"Will you join the big movement on September 1?
if you answer Yes, then convert your Steem to Steem Power. "
Questions that look impolite, but work. he is certain that many of Steemian will be involved in SPUD on September 1. We will see how much we can help complete Agent 005's mission.
the more involved the greater this movement.
You can also see prizes offered by @streetstyle by reading their posts
Another SPUDprize - SPUD5 Has Many Prizes from Many Sponsors!! - Will You Join US? [steem] [community]

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Perfect, i will :)

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Yes I will :-)

Excellent post to promote SPUD, @rokhani! I will be there SPUDding for sure :)