SPUD 5- I have powered up

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Hello and Namaste friends

Happy weekend to all of you.

Today is SPUD and I have powered up my account with 88 STEEM.

Here are the screenshots of my power up transaction-

I had 560 SP in my account prior to power up.

Initiated power up of 88 Steem using steemworld.org website.

Verified the transaction using Steemconnect which is safest way to transact and I always use this method to keep my credentials secure.

Transaction is successful and 88 SP is added to my account.

After this power up I have 648.99 SP available in my account.

I have long term gol with steem platform thoroughly enjoy working here. I am not going to power down any amount in coming few years. I had become Minnow in August month within a period of less than 6 months which is a great milestone for me.

Now my journey already started for dolphin level and I know it is too far for me to achieve that but I am quite positive and hopeful that someday I will make it possible for my hard work dedication passion and support of this awesome community.

Positive mindset is an important key and I am quite positive and confident. As of now I can't say when I will get the next level but one thing I am very much sure of that it will happen for sure. I have been powering off all my earning in form of steam power since the beginning and I will continue to do the same in future as well.

A BIG thanks to @streetstyle @xpilar for this nice program and all SPUD participants for making this day success.

Thank you.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

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Congratz @reeta0119

Thank you @sniper555

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Welcome @reeta0119

You seem to be using older version of eSteem!
Please update to newest version to get most out of eSteem, Install Android, iOS mobile app. For desktop Windows, Mac, Linux Surfer app!
Learn more: https://esteem.app
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Congratz and here is an upvote :)
Have a nice day

Thank you so much @amahovac93
Have a great day

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