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RE: Another Opening of a Splinterlands' Beta Pack

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Beta packs are a disappointment for the most part. I opened 50+ recently and didn't get any really good ones. It's just how it goes. I have found it's more effective to just buy the cards you want from the market.


Or rent them, right, @themanwithnoname? Okay then... my feeling of disappointment is not out of place! I've seen pack openings... and they have a gold and a rare cards, or 4 rare cards, etc.. I suppose they've had more disappointing packs than what is shown, I am guessing, LOL!

There are Gold Potions and Legendary Potions that most of those people are using to get better pulls out of packs and rewards cards. (You can see the potions at the bottom of the screen lit up if they are using them)

I have learned so much from you in this short exchange. BTW, I bought my cards from the beginning. It is just that no one wanted to take the time to mentor me even when I asked directly, LOL!

Anytime! One thing you should do is go to the Battle screen and replay the recent battles on Top Battles and see what they are playing and how they arrange them.. That will help a lot! Also check out “How to Play” on that same screen and that will explain all the attacks and how all of the abilities work!

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