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Loot chest have been around for a while now and with the new update from a few days ago I wanted to talk about it a little. I have been playing this game from launch and glad that I was brought into it. I know all us early players loved the Rewards cards. I even flipped three golden legendary cards. Those cards helped me build the deck I have today and I don't regret selling them due to buying cards with the money from them. So I know at first this new system might seem bad to you. But I hope to show you why I think we will be better off.

Sp Dev.png

Right now I am in Diamond 2. Most season I make Champ 3 or Diamond 1. I have 2 max summoners and 2 level 7 with others at level 6. I think I could make it further but I only play around an hour a day most of the time. I have made a good investment in the game and was earning a great number of cards playing. Now it is clear that will change. I will show you what I got today.

20200211 19_22_59PeakMonsters.png

Today was not a good pull it seems but it doesn't show my 12th reward an essence orb. It does show how I went from getting 12 cards to now 5 cards, 10 with the pack some small dec and potions. The good part about this is they are keeping the value the same. But now the rewards are more for players of the game and not farmers of the cards. If you play the game it is fun to get the potions and have a shot at more legendary and gold cards. The DEC prizes are cool to help you buy cards and can be much bigger than what I got. Also when you get an orb that is a nice bonus. This also sets them up for the next part of the game. It has already been hinted that lands are coming. With some crafting of items and cards. I can already see crafting materials in the chest system. As long as it is tradable it will be a great addition as those of us crafting will buy it up.


The main thing I see is this keeps the rewards cards from ruining the game. If the cards are issued to fast more and more will need to come out. People will buy fewer and fewer packs if they can keep buying rewards cards for 2 to 5 cents. With the mobile app coming out we could see the player base grow. That would also mean that we would fly through the cards. This system is much better set up to avoid those issues. At the same time, you will still earn rewards for just playing the game. Over time this change should start to up the value of rewards cards. As it will take longer to see a lot on the market. This can be seen right now with the newest epics to come out that only have a few for sale.

I like to give a little back to the players that read my stuff so I have 500 DEC prize for someone that gives me their thoughts on the new loot system. I will pick a random person that does that on this post after payout. I hope you enjoyed my little post and are playing this game. I think we might be in for a very rewarding time ahead.

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Great post, Since I rent now, I dont see the rewards but I do listen to all that comes out our community and its was real negative at first and then started getting better. Your post is spot on and I'd say alot more things are cooking and we need to just take a step back and ride this wave, be grateful and build this game positivity together and watch are investment grow, stop worring about the income and enjoy what fruits are there....

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Yes, thanks for checking out my post.

The first and only thing you should do is to disable (in settings) the option of using potions on rewards. That will save them to be used only on the eventual orbs that you will receive.

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Good call thanks for the !trdo

The only drawback that I have found so far, is that I haven't been able to figure out to disable using potions on the reward cards (or if it's even possible). Ideally I want to keep my potions for pack openings. Otherwise the change doesn't seem unreasonable

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Yes, you can do that. Just got to settings. You have to click on your account name in the top right.
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Thanks, I'll check it out !trdo

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Great Post and Yes I have been playing since the beginning too. Most of my Cards are Alpha and I am glad I got them. I like the ORBS too and I think they are a Sleeper when It comes to Cards in the Game.......@stever82

Thank you. I like that so many of the early players are still around. The orbs are a nice add in those cards are good in that set but orbs hadn't been selling as well.

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At the moment I'm not enjoying the chests at all. I've had too many really poor ones. I liked the substance of the cards. But if we get new stuff when lands are introduced that might make it more fun for me again. I do agree though, that something needed to be done about the speed at which the rewards cards were running out.

I do get that it can look really bad sometimes you only get 1 card and little dec amounts. It took me time to like it more.

At first, the new loot box system has left me really disappointed. It felt like a massive cut in rewards. But with the chance for an Orb and the random DEC drop chance, it is actually not that bad. I was buying potions all the time anyway, so this is mitigating my potion costs as well. The new reward card prices are also quite funny and make them a catch when they drop. So I guess I kind of like it now.

Nice post...
In first view I don't linke the chest but afterwards I realized the new rewards are good as you can get Orb and good amount of DEC (recently I got aprox 700 DEC), with those DEC I can buy card of my choice..

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Nice pull on the 700 DEC. Ya once I knew you could get more and orbs I liked it a lot more.

yes, i loved it, i already received 2 essence orbs, we will no longer have to spend so much $ on potions and i like them, when a large number of packs is opened, you can see that they do make a difference. And DECs, as you said, we can use them to buy more cards in the market and thus we will have more variety of cards in our collection. My last post was also about this subject: My impressions about the new rewards system

Cool, I will go check out your post. I also have already got 2 orbs pretty cool.

I like the system. As everybody is getting less cards it is a fair change.

Ya that is a good point thanks for checking out the post.

I think the orbs are a real sweetener. Only pulled one so far, but they're the cherry on top that sells the change.

Yup super cool I got one today and used the potions and got a gold rare. It was the bard so not super cool but pretty cool.

I think the chests are cool. I haven't received an Orb yet, but one day soon! 🤞


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I hope you do good luck man.

I think the new rewards while a drop in value are more balanced toward players, and less so toward farming cards. Should really help the print rate of cards, and give most people the DEC they were burning or selling for anyway. I love getting potions knowing that I will be buying packs/ orbs soon enough.

I think the loot chest was the right choice for the long-term viability of the game. It's a nice way to bring in other game rewards and incentives in the future. Remember the podcasts and posts about crafting and future updates that could be coming down the pipe some time? And honestly, throttling the reward card supply IS driving value on the card market. We might not like change, but sometimes it is not a bad thing.

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