Yes , @stealthtrader!!! It is a Rare Death Summoner! Is that good, or is that good???

Well I mean now you can play your death cards!! You have to have a Summoner to play your Monsters and now you have one! 😉

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And he can summon my Epic Death Enchantresses...

Yes any Death Monster!

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Yes, You can now go to Battle.

I won't go to battle unless I am sure to win!

You can rent cards to play for like 0.001 per day on

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WOW, that is good to know! Let me check that out, @stealthtrader!!!

Yeah I rented like a while Alpha Deck AND Gold Deck including Gold Foil Dragons all for like $1.40 per day for everything

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I suppose you won a lot of your battles! Perhaps you can provide me a list of card combinations.

Lol there are definitely players who are better than me, but every match is going to be different depending on the rules and mana.. However it is good to look at what your opponent usually plays and try to defend against their attacks.. Just try to have a tank in front (High health and attack) with like heal ability or shield, and then put the monsters with the best attacks and abilities in the middle to avoid Snipe and Sneak attacks.

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Now that is Funny

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