Splinterlands is going to explode!

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Wow! I guess by now you would have heard the news...

The team behind Splinterlands, @aggroed and @yabapmatt have made a deal with Blockchain Founders Fund to help them market the game to a wider userbase of potential players and develop other opportunities.

One of the first things to come out of this agreement (assumption mine), is that Splinterlands will appear in a 90 second segment of an upcoming episode of NewsWatchTV, set to air sometime in late January 2020.

This will ignite a month long marketing campaign on several major news networks, and Google Ads.

Many millions of eyeballs will be exposed to this game, a game where you and I have accounts with an affiliate link to onboard your friends with.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and it looks like I have a fair bit of work to do, onboarding everyone I know, before the end of January when this game explodes in popularity and FOMO kicks in.

As it is now, people are already begging me for my starter pack codes...

I am more excited about this game than I have been at any other time. My next Splinterlands based article will be a deep dive into what Splinterlands really is, underneath the game.

Nothing scary, it's actually really exciting when you actually see the full potential for this game.

As a side note, and to inflate the word count a little bit, my account is currently worth US$912.47 and it's only going to grow in the future and my account is considered tiny.

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You can check for yourself here: Peakmonsters

In other news, I made it to the Gold III rank and won 22 Rewards cards in the recent tournament that just finished.
I know that you can get higher ranking than I did.

Do you want to be a winner too?

I'll be waiting...

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Nice I have roughly the same amount in my splinterlands account too!

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I think I got lucky with the Legendarys and the Kickstarter Chain Golems.
But I am starting to get some people renting the cards now, which is always good.

Congrats! on your upvotes from the IBT Community

Lol. You were so gracious when I "taught" you how to embed links, in that comment earlier.
Don't I feel like a goose :)

It’s a good reminder that people don’t like untidy links in comments. Everything helps.

Inflate that word count... 😂😂😂

Thank you, I thought it was funny too. :D

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Millions of new eyeballs on the game? I like it!


I’d love millions of people seeing my affiliate link.