*Splinterlands* Season Reward [Champion III]

in #spt2 years ago

Hello to all of you,
the splinterlands season has ended and with it it's the last season we played on the steem blockchain...
Seem like an era has ended 😪
But there is still hope, splinterlands will continue on the hive blockchain.
But let's get back to the season reward. It's the second time I made it to champion III league 🥳

Unfortunately there was a glich on the splinterlands website and I couldn't take a screenshots. But I managed to get the info from peakmonsters.com. I was rewarded with 80 loot chests and here are the highlights:
Okay, two epic, one gold and one orb. Not so bad at all. And this was the orb content:
Yes, one more gold card 😊 That's it for today. See you

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