Guess My Next Gold Foil And Win The Non Gold Version Of That Card !

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Guess My Next Splinterlands Gold Foil

I was lucky enough to hit one gold card in my season end rewards (Vampire) but for the most part I haven't been finding many gold foils on my Splinterlands (Steem-Monsters) account so I decided to do a little fun giveaway for the next time that I hit one.

All that is needed to participate in this giveaway is guess what card will be my next gold foil. If you guess correctly you will be sent the non gold foil version of that card. For example, if I hit a Gold Foil Legend Ruler Of The Seas and that is the card you guessed in the comment section you would get the non gold version of that card.


  • One guess per user
  • No duplicate picks
  • Only one winner
A Word To The Wise :
I won't be purchasing any orbs or Beta Boosters. So it would be wise to stick to guessing reward cards. If more then one person picks the correct card only the first person that picked correctly will win.

What is @splinterlands ?

Splinterlands (formerly known as Steem-Monsters is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Prize tournaments have started and are being played daily. If you haven't yet check out Splinterlands do so by clicking here. You can use your STEEM details to sign in to the official site.


i bet on gold goblin mech

Let's go with Imp Bowman

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Good choice, I haven't hit one of those in awhile.

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

ill guess a gold prismatic energy

I haven't used Prismatic Energy much but I have lost to it a few time :)

Nice choice.

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

Rusty andoid

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I think your next GF would be the Silvershield Archer.

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I bet on gold creeping ooze
player name is @itharagaian

Nice pick, One of the cards I use most.

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

Goblin mech may be

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I will say Wood Nymph

I'm going to go for the long shot and say it will be a black dragon. Good for you, and good for me!


Highland Archer

Awesome contest @rentmoney ! Im guessing Black Dragon and hoping for you that you pull a Gold foil one! best of luck!! Upped 100% and resteemed.👌😃🙋 #palnet #battle #spt

Lord Arianthus

Dayum! I was thinking those 34 golds are in your collection until I saw the market prices 😂

Lets see what hasn't been said. Dang! I'm settling for the jackpot, Gold foil Ruler of the Seas 😀

What if you get two or more Gold at once?

#battle #steemace #palnet

Dayum! I was thinking those 34 golds are in your collection until I saw the market prices 😂

I wish they were lol

What if you get two or more Gold at once?

The first one I flip over will be the one counted.

#battle #steemace #palnet

Alright, cool

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I decided to share your giveaway for the ru community - and made the translation post

The problem is that I indicated that all the legendary cards are listed - and this is not so.
Therefore, I correct this mistake and call Sacred Unicorn ! =)

Sea monster

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@rentmoney, In my opinion your next gold card can be Cerberus.

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Mushroom Seer for me!

Its been awhile since I hit a gold Mushroom Seer .... that just might be the one.

#spt #battle #palnet

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