Steemmonsters Mystery Potion reward || Splintertalk Curation Report of mine

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Hello guys

Curating is indeed getting a lot more fun and exciting when you have a a nice staked coin amount in your account. TBH it does really feels great to support users in various ways with your desired stake.

Steemmonsters 456.jpg

While as it seems thanks to some SM players we are getting some news that GUILD feature is coming in SM. Which will make the game probably more exciting then it already is. Who knows the coins that are backing up SM might see sth happening to those (that's just my guess btw lol)

So I bought the Brilliant Mystery potion with 6000 DEC Which at current market price is about 27 Steem to be exact (It was near this value when I invested). Well it's an investment that had to be made by me to try out the luck lol. But as it seems it is not really working the way that I wanted.


Talking of Potion, got a Mystery reward today which is an Essense Orb and let me share which cards were within that, with all of you !


Here we go !!


Nothing out of the ORB but got 1 Rare (Silvershield Bard) and Armorsmith (This card came in handy in few of my battles tbh). Well they were not upto the expectation but yeah the excitement was at the top while opening the ORB that I must confess.

If you have a Splintertalk post then share it in my Twitter post's here for an upvote.

P:S : Due to the voting power issue I created another account which is rehan.spt where I have staked my SPT which were transferred from my account rehan12. So all the voting's related to Splintertalk shall be done from rehan.spt account.

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The above posts received upvote from rehan.spt account. Did some voting on other accounts depending in the posts quality.

Resting the VP (of my account) for now and I will be on search for few more amazing posts from

That is it for today and hopefully the curation will increase in the coming days as my stake is growing as days are passing by and I am really enjoying everything that is happening with Steem blockchain.

Images taken from Steemmonsters & Pixabay (Few Edited by me)

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Have a Pleasant Day Everyone !

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