Raynie's Rambles pt.3

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Hello Hello!

Not much going on today. Although all the sharks are starting to come out to scramble to 1st place!! The season is almost over! I started this morning just wanting to climb into the 5200-5300th ranking. But then @jacekw comes along and gets up to 5922 ranking! This guy, dangit. Such a hard-core player! I am sitting at 3rd place but still haven't finished my quest.

Not too many tourneys today. I did play in the Silvershield Knights at 11am, got up to 4th place. Other than that, not too many that I want to play in until tomorrow.

I did spend most of the day looking for a gift card. I was cleaning up and organizing our bedroom. I finally found it! So dinner is at The Outback- ALONE with just my sweetie for a pre-birthday meal. I have to take the boys to Tae-Kwon-Doe first. Then off to dinner. Oh, and I gave in and sent my sweetie @nateaguila the 50,000 DEC that he wanted. Oh, what I do for love.

Have a great day!



Hi :) To dispel any rumors, I would like to make it clear that it was my cat that was playing at that time, not me.

Zomg! I need that cat!

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Any tips for a newbie what splinters to focus on for core teams? Been playing for almost 2 weeks now but still learning =)

Hi cryptoreaper! Don’t give up! I have been playing for months and I learn something new everyday! The green team with Flesh Golem is pretty solid tank. Also the water team is really strong at lower level. Good luck dear!

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I just looked at your deck and you have some pretty nice cards! Good choice with getting both alpha and gold cards! Smart!!!

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