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Hello Hello.....

I am back to talk about Guilds!!!

Are you excited? Do you have FOMO? Are you Nervous? Me too!

I think it is coming soon, and I don't want to be the kid that gets picked last.....

What do you want in a Guild? For me, I want the BEST Guild! I want everyone to FEAR my Guild when we walk on the battlefield! I want Thunder and Lightning and everyone to tremble!

This is what I would like in a Guild....

  1. Hard-Core players!
  2. Elite
  3. Exclusive
  4. To give each other support, guidance, tips and strategies
  5. To have a great sense of sarcasm and humor
  6. A place to talk crap
  7. Over 18 so crude chat won't offend people
  8. I really want a place where I feel we all just connect as a family- a new family!
  9. Trust and Loyalty
  10. People who contribute their life savings to get a shit ton of DEC

I think a Ritual or a Sacrifice might be needed to join the guild too! An initiation that involves robes and chanting. Maybe a chicken. Just to make sure you're really serious. I also want a guild that has a Fierce, Evil, Strong name- not some pansy glittery unicorn crap. I want to run wild with my guild, play in many challenges and tournaments.

I hope Guild Halls get released in the future- I want to hang banners and trophies and decorate!

Yep, I think that's all that I am looking for.....

What are you guys looking for?



Any ideas about how the guilds will exist? The listed above are your wishes, but what is the reality?

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No idea

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i think a guild should have a queen :-)

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A Queen with Dragons! Burn em all!

Greetings, dear raynie

A guild on @steemmonsters game??? Uowww

How it will work??? Very nice notice

thank you

interesting. Great idea that they should implement a clan war.

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Lol, you're hilarious. What's wrong with a cute unicorn name?! I love my chasingunicorns account that is used for contest winners! ;)

Having a great group of friends is most valued to me in a guild. I'm in a guild with some friends that started Steem Monsters together. All in various stages of deck ranking. We have fun, there for one another, and sometimes get to kick butts! :)

I'm sure you will find an awesome guild with some great players!

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