HOLY [email protected]#$*^! IT'S THE ARCHMAGE!

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Hey guys wuz up?!!!

I am in a Fantastic mood, because I just pulled this baby out of my Mystery Orb!!!! !

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 10.35.08 PM.jpg

Amazing! I am still in shock!

Ever since the Mystery potions was released, I have been spending that 6,000 DEC every 5 days, wishing, praying, hoping, that I would pull this card!!! It finally happened!!! Today was THE DAY!!!

In case you are going to ask- Yes, I had the Brillant Legendary and Alchemy running too. It finally paid off! So many days I always think- crap, my potions up, and do I really want to spend all that DEC on these 3 potions? I mean let's face it- that's 56,000 DEC! For weeks!!!

Well it finally paid off, so Yes I would say it is totally worth it!!

Now what should I do with this new baby?

I play in a lot of Gold Foil Tourneys- I could keep it. I could just stare at it all day- it is sooooo pretty!!!

My sweetie,@Nateaguila says it is super rare! Like only 2 in existence.

So maybe I can try to sell it! Then what should I do with that $$$$??? Oh man, there is so much I would love to do!!! Like pre-pay for Steemfest for my sweetie, and our two boys! I would love to take them to DisneyWorld to see the new Star Wars Land, and to Universal Studios in Oct. for Halloween Horror Nights and Harry Potter Land...... or even a Disney Cruise! Or, I could invest and not spend it!

I Don't Know!!!! I am going to list it for $20,000 !!! Gold Foil Legendary Archmage Arius!! Beautiful Card, please go buy it (or message me on Discord to make an offer)!!!



Greetings, dear and charming @raynie

Congratulations for this card!!!!!! I think its the mos expensive card on this game!!!! Very, very, very nice!!!!!!!!! I am feeling your joy at this post!!!!!!

Have a nice day!!!

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20 000 :-) good luck with that :-) Would be cool to meet you guys at Steemfest!

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I know right? Never hurts to try! Willing to negotiate!

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Congrats on the truly legendary pull!!

hi, raynie

congratulatios, dear!!! I love this card

#battle #palnet

Is this from an orb? Or it appears by itself?

Just one card! A different new card from all the rest, kind of blue. I should have taken a picture of the card but I didn’t want to jinx my luck.

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wow congratz! :)

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So trying to be realistic- and dropped the price!!! Also DM if you would like to make a deal!! Thanks!

You couldn’t handle it! It’s too powerful!

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