Total destruction with Goblin Mech

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Welcome to my first share my battle post. And first Hive post as well😊
These things always take up more time then you had in mind. And just noticed it's almost ending time. Thank the gods I am still in time. I hope you will enjoy it!

Goblin Mech

46 Mana fight. Healed out and Lost Legendaries

Line up:

  • Goblin Mech
    A lot of mana to be spent and the Goblin Mech is 10 so good choice for this match. Also, a lot of armor so my Bone Golem has something to fix.
  • Bone Golem
    Bone Golem here to fix the Goblin Mech and to be a buffer before they get to my ranged force in the back. Also good against heavy Magic decks in case my Goblin Mech gets crunched by Magic.
  • Phantom Soldier
    To reduce the Magic of my opponent and also to spend my mana I chose for the Phantom Soldier. With his 4 magic damage and silence, he is always a good choice in big mana matches.
  • Vampire
    My tactic for this match was doing massive damage to the front with the plus one ranged attack of my summoner and this was just the best choice for the 5 mana I still had to spend. And with the Phantom soldier in front of him he wouldn't get sniped in the first round.
  • Soulstorm
    One of my favorite Death Untamed cards packed with useful abilities. A ranged debuff and a chance to stun. Pretty save on spot 5. The only risk is return fire. But with no legendaries that risk wasn't very big. And lucky me there was no Shieldbarrer involved😎.
  • Octospider
    And on the last spot the Octospider. A lot of health so usually can stand a round or 2. Melee debuff and blind. So with this setup, I am debuffing all kinds of attacks which is nice. And of course, the massive damage is a nice.



So the strategy was to attack the front with brute force.

The strategy worked but I must admit the TH bot did not do a very good job in this battle. And not all of its cards were maxed. Even a level one Epic in front. And very bad positioning of the cards as well. But hey, I am not complaining😁 The only good TH-something is a beaten one. Would not change anything on this strategy hence the choosable splinters and ruleset.

Use of Goblin Mech

I use the Goblin Mech a lot since we have big mana games. It's a beast and can be well used in a lot of rulesets. And despite it shouldn't be a reason but I got the urge to spend as much mana as I can. kinda like my ex-wife on a shopping spree 😛.

Forgive me if I didn't follow all the rules. Gonna make this a weekly routine. See you on the other side!

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