Splinterlands Black Dragon giveaway...

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Black Dragon Giveaway!

I keep getting these Black Dragons, and I have mine maxed so I don't really need one. So let's give it away!!

💬 Comment something nice and original and you will get a chance of winning this nice Black Dragon. You can comment anything you like. If it's funny and original you don't have any more chance of winning the dragon. That said.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner Epic Reward Card.

First of all big shout out to the brave Splinterland Warriors who took their chance of getting an extra Epic Reward Card. Some where bold and asked for a Beta Epic.

@aalsi-you-later, @bitandi, @blog-beginner, @chireerocks, @ctrpch, @d-zero, @darthgexe, @elemental010, @ewkaw, @gillianpearce, @handtalk5, @karenmckersie, @klismois, @kushalbang93, @lammbock, @lordwinty, @lozio71, @marisenpai, @monsterbuster, @pardinus, @roronoa07, @sayalijain, @simonjay, @suntree, @travoved, @tsnaks, @vimukthi, @viniciotricolor and @warrentrx. And no @wonderwop...

These are the numbers of requests. So Daria the all-time favorite. The second place is for all but epic reward cards. Makes you wonder if people read the post or just comment an Epic because they see somebody else put one down.


And the winner is...


@marisenpai is the lucky one and got a Daria. Congratulations!

I wish you all good luck this new fresh season!



In spanish sounds cooler El Dragón Negro!!!

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Did you Know that dragon’s exist in another dimension, where the land is very cold. If you want to visit then a high sharmon is the only one that has the training and skill to make the journey. But only for a short time.

Do you mean the ayahuasca? 🍄🍄

No, it's totally real! maybe

Thank you for this opportunity to win a black dragon! I think that your drawing for your giveaway is very nice. Do you participate in the Splinterlands art contest?

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Tagging @metzli

a daria is an awesome prize !!!

i would like a black dragon to go with a daria that i have .

she would like a pet ;)

Isn't that why we're here? To have fun? Dragons are always cool. Something much cooler about Black Dragons though!

@cicisaja and @simplymike :D I know you guys like dragons too

Ooooooh awesome giveaway @pacolimited ! My Black Dragon is at level 5, I only need 6 to max mine out, so I would really love to win one! Congrats to your latest winner @marisenpai , hopeing to get picked on your magic wheel next time! Good Luck everyone!!🐉🐉🐉🐉❤👍
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Did you Know that dragon’s exist in another dimension, where the land is very cold. If you want to visit then a high sharmon is the only one that has the training and skill to make the journey. But only for a short time.

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hehe, sorry, that was meant to be a reply entry to the comp and not to your post. (I blame my sausage fingers)

I would love a black dragon. I also like the banner at the bottom of your post. Lots of cool tiedye like colors.

Let's try again. (mine is only lvl3)
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Your giveaways are very generous @pacolimited. Thanks for them.

Tagging @kushalbang93 and resteemed as always

Black dragon has some cool abilities that go together when you start with level 2, plus it looks so awesome! A worthy card for dragon summoner decks.

@rentmoney is definetaly an addict :)

in a good way

Guilty as charged ......

In turn I will tag @tsnaks because us addicts got to watch out for each other lol

I guess we all are chasing the Dragon....

this letter does not yet have
we will try our luck

I was traveling to Nebraska and missed your last drawing. Maybe @fitinfun needs a Black Dragon. We're leaving for Texas tomorrow, please pray for us. 🙏

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Maybe we should burn all dragons to stop climate change 🤔

I’m tagging @simsibee

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That's a great giveaway. Thanks.

It's not a card I see used that often but maybe it's played more at the higher levels?

Did you know the black dragon isn't black? I'm the only one who notices?

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Thanks for sharing! I hope the new edition Untamed brings more diversity and play style with the new summoners and monsters.
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Nice Giveaway

You have a dragon's look that intimidates anyone.

i really need that card to upgrade my Black Dragon... i hope to win!!

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Grats to the winner! If you choose my comment, I shall give the new dragon a nice home where it will be well fed. The neighbors might live in fear of the new "pet" but it will probably keep the riff raff at bay around here. heh.

tagging @coffeedrinker112

Black dragon is the key, let me tag @xawi she is very addictive when it comes to SM..

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Dunno if I'm still on time! If I am, calling @myfreebtc as well!