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Today my quest was to win five battles using the water splinter. Here is my story of completing this quest. Enjoy..........................

Match 1

Match 1 Results....

Besides my chicken getting snipped at the back end of formation all my monsters survived the battle. I went with magic as my main attack as the match did not allow any toughness. The Ruler of the Sea (RoS)maintained its primary position throughout the match as I had tank heal to keep him alive. I think if my opponent went with Mech Goblin or some higher stats attacker than it would have taken out my RoS and my remaining formation would crumble. I went aggressive with RoS in the front while conservative in the middle of the formation due to the limited 15 mana.


Match 2

Match 2 Results....

At 99 mana match I went heavy on monsters with high mana. I got lucky as my opponent had all level 1 monsters while most of mine were above 1. End result was total domination by my formation as my Mech Goblin stood its ground and the remainder slaughtered the opposing monsters. Could not have turned out any better for the match.😊


Match 3

Match 3 Results....

Initially the match appeared to be a defeat for me as my opponent was loaded with gold foil cards. But again only my chicken suffered death while my opponent's formation wilted away. It was definitely odd that although the opponent had a lot of gold foils he/she used a regular level 1 monster at its first position. Once I knocked the first position monster the rest fell down like domino.


Match 4

Match 4 Results....

I had a plan going into this match since it had handicap on non-flying monsters. I seen this done before and copied it ever since. I put Sea Monster at the back end of the formation and every time it got damage from earthquake it would recover the damage with self heal. The remaining formation had to hold up against my opponent and fortunately for me it did. I won with my Sea Monster fully intact in stats. This trick of putting healing monsters at the back end of formation is truly worth implementing.


Match 5

Match 5 Results....

At first glance of match monsters I thought I was going to lose. My opponents had maxed out his/her monsters while I had mostly level 1 monsters. Surprising to me was my Ice Pixie was able to survive once it got to first position. Overall a great win and one to be remember.


Recap of my Matches....

Oh my! 5 straight wins to complete my daily quest. This is a first for me in the game! Not likely to happen again any time soon :p In this string of winning matches I was able to win each match in 3 rounds. I would not have been able to do this without the level 3 summoner- Alric Stormbringer. Again I was as surprise to have completed my quest so quickly because of my weak water cards. Who knew?



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