Splinterlands - Versus Slither.io (Weekly Game Post)

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I have the iphone and have been playing Slither.io off and on for about a year. The game is also on the Android OS and there are multiple other games very similar to Slither. The game is pretty easy to learn. It is basically directing a worm on a map and eat bright energy in order to grow the worm. The bigger and longer the worm the higher the rank is the player. The game is live and multiple players are on the same map trying to eat and grow. The challenge to survive the longest to reach rank 1 is to avoid having the worm's head hit another opponent.

The learning curve for Slither maybe low, but in Splinterlands it is different. Different in the way the game is played. In Splinterlands there are battles between players and is a player versus player (PvP) game. The game consists of players' card collection that includes summoners and monsters. Each player can trade cards and earn cryptocurrency by winning matches. Matches once start will have results of winner instantly. Hence the speed of the game is quick.

When playing Slither I was earning absolutely nothing and basically was a time waster. The theme of the game was to last as long as possible on the map hence play as long as possible. While in Splinterlands the game can be played free, but if players want to earn rewards and cryptocurrency they have to invest a little into purchasing a starter deck to compete. Players can enhance their decks by purchasing individual cards on the game's internal market or purchase booster packs. Once players earn their own cards they can trade them for other assets in the digital world. There are also events held in the game such as tournaments.

To date there have been over $100k in rewards just in tournaments. Furthermore there are multiple social platforms for players can communicate. A lot of games I believe do not have the social interactions that Splinterlands has. The social platforms can help new players to play the game or help more experience players with methods of winning more.

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!


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