Splinterlands - Spark Pixies (Weekly Battle Contest)

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I have been busy all week but still put in about 60 battles in splinterlands daily. The drawback is I do not have the time to post, but since this is a splinterlands contest post I will post!

This week's theme is the Spark Pixies. I do not own this card and will be using a rental account to play it. I have no really experience of using Pixies as I often pass through it considering its a 4 mana monster that at level 1 only has one health and no toughness. In any case here is a battle I have using Pixies.

The Battle

The rule set is limiting monster's abilities and mana count to 4 per monster. On top is the limit of 12 mana in the match Definitely a ton of limitation in this battle but I went ahead to use fire splinters and use of Pixies to qualify for this weekly post.

The Battle

The rule set does not allow sneak attacks but since most splinters except for earth are allow to participate it pretty much was random to me to pick which splinter to use. Since my preferred splinter is water I went with that and focused mainly on magic attack as the rule set has no effect.

My Formation

I put in chicken as the tank really as a sacrifice while Monkey, Beetle, and Pixies would be attacking from the rear. A mix of melee, magic, and range attack does not appear to be efficient but since the limitation of 14 mana it restricted me from using what I would prefer to use monsters. Also without any monster abilities I did not use Cerberus.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent similarly to me started out with Shadowy as a sacrifice while in the rear had Slimeball, Banshee, and Spider to perform attacks. In the same fashion as my formation they had mix of melee, magic, and range attack in the same formation as mine! The level 1 monsters except for Spider gave me a slight advantage. Also with no monsters having toughness I also had the upper hand since Beetle had a toughness of 1.

The Battle Results

The match was a neck and neck battle but I previaled because I had Beetle Queen. It's toughness outlasted my opponent. In the end my Beetle and Pixies where the only ones left standing. If you would like to watch the match play out here is a link..

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Hey there!
60 battles a day?! I'm jealous!
I've not played in several... though my plan is to finish all my things as fast as possible today and try to gain some last minute end of the season traction.

Nice battle here. I've been finding that the Pixies do well in Little League, Fog of War, and Earthquake. If you still have it rented, give 'em a go there (if you have the chance).

Have fun!