Splinterlands - My Season Rewards

in #sptlast year

This week I had okay earnings with Splinterlands rewards. I got at best an orb, but a lot of common cards and small amount of DEC. No gold foil nor any card higher than rare. The potions I have been saving for purchase of packs will still add up. I will hopefully save enough potions in a couple more months to actually be able to use is when I open a bundle of card packs.

There is a lot to be bullish about Splinterlands. For one starting June 1st they will operate on HIve blockchain and abandon Steem all together. I believe this will hurt Steem price while help Hive. Furthermore DEC price has been rising rapidly and nearly close to par value $0.001.

The game Splinterlands is getting popular and market cap is near all time highs! As of today
Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: $4,640,312

The max market cap is just a little over $100k from today's value. Exciting times ahead.


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