Splinterlands - Daily Quest Rewards (05.19.20)

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I was playing today's quest like every other day but my rewards were a little special today. I got a rare gold foil Naga Windmaster. Although I do not use the card much I will gladly save it towards my collection.

Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: $4,174,712


Splinterlands market cap is rising again and may get to all time highs soon enough. Been playing the game for nearly half a year and have now amassed a small collection worthy to be ranked in the diamond league. Based on sm-voter my collection is worth close to $500.


Earlier post I had discussed how I wanted to expand my deck with Untamed cards, but I went off a different direction. Considering level 1 and lower level cards were easier in reselling I went with investing in low level cards that could be rented out for passive income. So I consolidated my reward cards and purchased a few summoners to have them be able to be rented out. I have yet to get most of them rented out but by in large my current passive income in my collection is earning about $0.08 worth of steem each day. At this rate I will get back my principal in 6,250 days! lol. Not much earning but I have not rented out most of my cards as I still play the game.

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