Splinterlands - Blast Ability (Weekly Battle Post)

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One of the coolest abilities I think in the game is the Blast. The Blast ability hits opponent's adjacent target so its really a double attack where one monster gets to hit two monsters in the same turn. There are not that many monsters carrying this ability and the ones that are tend to have a mark up value to own. Here is a battle I have of using a monster with Blast ability. Enjoy!

The Battle

The battle limited with 36 mana and rule set of no legends allowed in battle. I lean toward fire splinter since low mana formations are best with that splinter. Also in my collection the highest level splinters I own was in death and fire and in fire are had enough cards leveled to be used in this diamond level battle. Here are the results.

My Formation

In this battle I used Serpent as my tank and follow by Prismatic Energy as deflector of magic. Then was Goblin, Fire Demon, Ettin, and Fire Beetle as they are able to attack from middle to end of formation on every turn. Having Fire Demon not in the end nor near the front would allow its protection from abilities such as sneak or opportunity. Of course having Blast as an ability definitely helps.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent also chooses fire splinter and starts off with Goblin Mech as their tanker. Follow by Giant Roc, Goblin, Prismatic Energy, Centaur, and Fire Beetle. In a similar thought process as I my opponent put on range and magic attack monsters at the middle and end of formation.

The Battle Results

It all came down to who had a higher level fire splinter deck and since my opponent had two of their monsters at level 1 I had the upper hand. As the battle progressed it was clear my Serpent was a great tank against fire opponents. In the end my Fire Demon did not have to do much to help win the battle. As none of my monsters were knocked out in battle. I consider this total domination. What was interesting to note is that when my Fire Demon's attack missed, their blast ability was also passed. If you are interested in watching the match here is a link..

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