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I have been playing Splinterlands for more than half a year and although I have not kept track of my total earnings, it has proven to be a good investment for several reasons. I will go into the specifics as this post is mainly focused on making money but sprinkle here and there parts of the game that makes it fun.

Value of Cards

Total Splinterlands Market Cap: $5,041,351 (06.16.2020)

As the daily market cap is rising so are the value of the cards. I have been earning steem/hive through weekly battle posts that are hosted by @splinterlands. Most of my upvote rewards earned through the posts were reinvested into the game by purchase of cards. The cards over the months have appreciated and I have accumulated a small collection.

The key to getting a card that will appreciate in value is the purchase price. A lot of my cards I had waited for days if not weeks until I saw a deal to be had and purchased it at their current low or lowest market price. Basically buy low so that in hopes in the future to buy high. An example I have is the Gold Foil Furious Chicken.

I bought a three Furious Chicken for around $3 each about 4 months ago and currently the lowest price for it now is almost $4! Even better is a Gold Foil Prismatic Energy which is in limited supply on open market and lowest price is $8.5 when 4-5 months ago it was worth around $3. I regret not buying any Prismatic and I currently do not own a Gold Foil version.

Earning Passive Income by Renting out Cards

As I began to purchase more cards and collecting reward cards I started getting duplicates. Rather than putting them together to level up I would have several singles of each. I did not want to level up monsters due to my low level summoners and also resale value likely falls per bcx with higher level cards. The third party is a website that allows players to read their deck and do several other nice things that internally lacks on One of those things includes lending and renting out cards.

For any of my duplicates that are gold foil I listed them on the rental market for the lowest possible daily fee and once in a while have someone rent it out for a couple of weeks. When multiple gold foils are rented out I get to earn some hive/steem daily. This has worked out well since I don't necessary use my cards but have a way to use them to earn passive income.

Playing the Game to Earn Daily Rewards

The most straight forward way of earning income is by playing the game. Last week I began a starter account with cards lend to me by a friend. In return all the earnings I gain from the starter account would be split 50/50. In order to have a new account earning the player must have purchased a spell book. This is the initial buy in to the game which cost $10. With a referral one both the buyer and referrer receive a bonus Untamed card that is randomly chosen and could be worth up to $100. Here is my href="">referral link for those interested. I am willing to send a free card in return for using the link on top of the one the buyer earns. So two free cards!

The spell book is a whole host of level 1 untamed summoners and monsters for the player to start using to battle. As they progress further into the game by winning matches they earn more DEC. The DEC earned in each win rises with win streak and higher rating. Furthermore there are daily quests where if player satisfy the requirement they earn a reward. The reward is a chest loot and the quantity of chest loots depends on player's league. The higher the league the more chest loots. The chest loots can contain either a reward card, potion, DEC, or an orb. Here is where players get random winnings on the loots and some have hit jackpot either by earning a ton of DEC or a gold foil legend reward card.

Above is an example of the chest loot players can receive. At the end of a season which is every two weeks the player's highest rating league during the season will also receive end of season chest loots. End of season chest loots are much more than daily but only happens once every two weeks. In order to be eligible for end of season rewards players must have played during the season.

There are also tournaments for players to play where top players wins either DEC or any specific token that is being hosted by the tournament's creator. Every day there are tournaments so check in on those daily to see if there is one that would suite you well to participate.

I hope what I mentioned here will make people who have yet to try the game to give it a shot and earn money. In summary the initial buy in cost is $10 but the rewards are limitless. I leave this final thought, my original account has a market value of nearly $600 and I have not put in a single dollar into it. I earned upvote rewards from posts and spend the time patiently buying cards to strengthen my deck for competition and battles. What I earn daily and end of season I either sell and flip for cards I want or saved for renting out or for future leveling up. Bottom line if I can do this, anyone can. Thanks for reading!

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!


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