My rally to Champion 2 – Battle analysis

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I get a lot of praise for my game, especially from my Guildmates, but the truth is, I'm still a newbie. Every day I become aware of some aspects that previously went unnoticed and I learn new strategies.


Looking back on my performance a few seasons ago, I realize that I played a lot worse and my criteria for choosing cards before the match was much more random, at that time if I managed to reach the Champion 2 League it was by luck, and sometimes I didn't even get the classification.

Screenshot_2020-02-11 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Now I am more and more aware of what I am doing, I know that the luck factor still exists, but by making smart choices, I can put the odds in my favor and that was what happened yesterday, when I reached the necessary 4200 points rating, with 4 days left for the end of the season.

To demonstrate this evolution, I want to make a brief analysis of the matches that led me to this glorious level:

Screenshot_2020-02-12 Splinteddddrlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@marianaemilia versus @th12-diablo

This first battle with both sides using the same cards, I found it very instructive, as it was won, thanks to my Furious Chicken in the first position, which made me win precious times.

While my snipers first shots hit the Gold Dragon, my opponent's snipers met my Lord Arianthus, so in the second round, I was able to eliminate the powerful enemy Dragon.

At this moment it is as if the battle is starting again but I have an extra Gold Dragon card:

Screenshot_2020-02-12 Splintsaserlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

With this advantage, even though I had 3 cards with level 9 compared to my opponent's level 10, I was able to win.

The conclusion is that my Chicken was decisive while that of my opponent was passive in the last position.

Logically, if it was a battle with Sneak skill cards, then the Chicken in the last position would be better placed and in this case, everything would be different.

Screenshot_2020-02-12 Splintaaderlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

I still want to analyze 3 other battles in this rally that were noteworthy for me and that contain in each of them, some strategic interesting aspects and somehow reflect my evolution as a player.

I intended to bring them all together in a single publication, but it would be very long, so if you liked this content, stay tuned, because tomorrow has more!

All images: @splinterlands.


congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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Crazy good matches Mary! Here's me buzzing with excitement at hitting Bronze 1 since starting yesterday and you're right up there at the top! Well done!

@bzkrp Welcome! Thanks! I wish you luck and success on your journey.

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Don't sell yourself short, you quickly became a great strategist! Great to have you as a guildmate! ;)

@pardinus Thanks! It really is a great pleasure to participate in this beautiful guild with so many wonderful companions. kisses.

congrats on champion 2. go the chicken! :)

Thank you! @michealb. I hope you will publish again and also tell us about your adventures in Splinterlands. Kisses.

This season I managed to reach Gold 1 pretty early, but I'm stuck there for a while. Usually, I only reach Gold II by the end of season so I'm happy!

Yeah, @ahmadmanga, It seems that this season was easier or we are playing better! kisses

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I wish you the best of luck

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very nice

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good work

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thank you very much for visiting and comments

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