I love this Cube!

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One of the new cards that I like the most is the Gelatinous Cube that can bring us many victories if used well.

Depending on the battle rule he will have a great advantage over Lord Arianthus, one must pay attention to these details to better use him.

Two of the Lord's great advantages are his Reflect Magic and Thorns abilities which makes him very effective against melee attacks and also against magic.

The Cube can Heal, so take for example this battle that I played with my father's account, where such an advantage can be noticed simply:

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Splingffhterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@dosh versus @th12-400gt

Without melee attacks and little mana at hand so that the Cube could be eliminated quickly with magic and arrows, it was clear to me that his Healing ability would make him superior to the Lord in this case.

In this other example, the Cube together with the Lord, with the help of the Angel added to a larger number of snipers made the difference:

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Splinterladsdfrnds - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@dosh versus @bubke

With the help of double snipe it works very well, even without armor and facing legendary enemy cards:

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@dosh versus @wonsama

The examples are many and it can also be used successfully in the second position to absorb the damage from the enemy's sniper cards.

I must mention that the Cube is very strong in the Earthquake rule where it can often supplant an entire army of enemies alone:

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@dosh versus @beeyou

Finally, also in the Earthquake, a crazy battle of Cubes that I ended up losing, although during the fight I was sure that I would win, my opponent's cube had better luck:

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Splinasassterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@dosh versus @mattclarke

I hope you liked this content, that it was useful I look forward to comments, criticisms, and suggestions about this wonderful card.

Images: @splinterlands


Eu ainda não me dou muito bem com esse cubo. O meu está no nível 6 e morre muito rápido. Na primeira rodada, geralmente. Não dá nem para ele usar scavenger nem para se curar.....

Talvez eu tenha que pensar em uma tatica melhor para ele

O meu também é LVL 6. Experimente no terremoto e em partidas com pouco mana, também quando não há magia e você presume que seu adversário vai usar muita flecha ele funciona melhor que o Lorde.

Very powerful cards when combined.

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I’ve used a LA and GC together before with fantastic results. I don’t think I’ve teamed them up with AoL, though and that’s a great idea!

I recently read this post about GC that looks at it from a collectible perspective that was interesting.

I agree it’s a far more powerful card than it seems at first glance. I was seriously impressed to see how it can not just hold up, but utterly thrive and dominate in the earthquake ruleset.

It’s definitely one to keep an eye on!

True, @sinistry, it would be better to keep this a secret! :D

I definitely love this card too! It is so powerful! I use it mostly in low mana matches and in earthquake. I hope it won't be nerfed... But I don't think so because it has also strong weaknesses, like stun and affliction..

Thanks for the comment, @madgol. I also had this fear that it would be nerfed...

nerf it? geez i hope they make it so the skeleton with the sword jumps out out every now and then and stabs someone :)

This just happened and highlights this post exceptionally! GC is a BEAST!


very cool, I updated the post and added some more battles

That fight was epic. It came down to 1 life. One of the greats :)

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Nice card strategy analysis. :)

thank you, I still did not understand how to use it

Glad it helped, @stefano.massari. I updated and put some more information and battles in the post.

great job

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very nice

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good work

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congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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This fight shows the cube's weakness in 1st spot: high melee attacks. The enemy tank doesn't need shield if they know you're going to use a cube.