A new duo in action!

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Last week I saw a very good post by @flawy about the UNTAMED Tortisian Fighter card, and as I am very anxious and impulsive, immediately decided to follow the tip and bought 14 new turtle gold foil cards that cost $ 0.70 each one (price is now $ 0.90), which was the amount I needed to combine it and reach level 8.

I needed level 8 for her to acquire the repair skill. A new possibility in Water which before was limited to Life splint through Armorsmith, who is now with certain jealousy.


I was excited to practice in battle, but it took me a while to find the right occasion to use it.

The best situation for her to take action is certainly in the battle rule: Wake Magic + Reverse Speed, as the armor can absorb magic damage and turtles are slow and become more efficient in this rule.

So finally I got the right time to see them in action, and the result was a complete success:

Screenshot_2019-12-15 Splinterlfdfdfffands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

@marianaemilia versus @th12-hal

The battle speaks for itself, without further analysis, it is possible to observe the tremendous synergy between my wonderful ninja turtles!

They are very happy to have reunited and look forward to working together again in this partnership that promises to be lasting and victorious.

Images : @splinterlands


Hey @marianaemilia, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

@marianaemilia, Tortisian Fighter, this character reminded me one of the oldest Television 📺 Series at this moment failing to recall the name of the series. And hope that your Investment will bring Profitable results to you. Stay blessed.

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Wouldn't it be the cartoon of the ninja turtles? Thank you

Welcome and that's absolutely right.

When I got my Tortisian Fighter, I felt (s)he was everything the Turtle was but with lower stats. I guess the Repair ability is very valuable but (s)he only gets it at level 8. Way past my current team level.

Yeah, I'm very impulsive and I spent everything I had that day to put it at level 8!

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Little by little the untamed cards are becoming one place in each deck, in top leagues they are breaking everything.

Yeah, who doesn't invest in them will be left behind ...


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Mary Emily! I LOVE the turtle people too! Actually, it was my request (though I AM married to the Lore Master) to add "Tortisians". I'm excited he's working out for you!

Wow, nice! This is wonderful. The turtle people are also one of the wisest. Thank you, kisses.

I think you meant to say you bought 20 to get it to lvl 8. That seems to be a good investment. Thanks for showing the cool combo.

Hello, thanks for reading and comment. I only had to buy 14 because I had received 6 on opening packs with the potions! I opened 575 kickstarter packs and received 6 of them! :D

congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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very nice !

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good work !

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great job !

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