Javelin Thrower : She is Fast and Furious

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What's up Splinter Addicts!

This your fellow warrior mango-juice with another Splinterlands share your battle weakly challenge post!

Well, It has been nearly 2 long months since I have locked down myself along with all my family members to stay safe from this satanic virus COVID-19 and prohibiting ourselves from going outside unless it's too important. I hope all of you are safe too and please follow all the procedure unless you are in a green zone.

Meanwhile, I am spending my quality days online, hustling with so many things I can't even remember all of them at once. Besides watching TV series and movies I am more active than ever on the blockchain.... enjoying bro time at the Neoxian city, writing posts and playing Splintetlands of course! I am also learning Graphics designing using Adobe Illustrator but at turtle speed.

Speaking about splinterlands, I think it's the best time for all of us, from beginners to enthusiasts to learn new things about splinterlands. I think there is plenty of time to play, think and experiment new strategies, tactics to reach one more step towards the glory and also to make great posts about Splinterlands.

Talking about writing posts, most of you know about the Splinterlands share your battle weakly challenge post that comes every week with a new theme monster to play with and share the feelings.

This week we have a new monster as well. she is FAST, She is furious with a razor-sharp spear to hunt down his prey. Let me introduce you to the venom of the amazon, Javelin Thrower.

This fearless ancient warrior is from an unknown civilization, deep in amazon and is capable of launching devasted range attacks.

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  • Level 1 Even at level 1, unlike many other monsters it is very popular in battlefield. It carries 2 ranged attack with 4 health and 4 speed. Moreover, it possesses Piercing attack from level 1.

  • Level 5 At level 5, it possesses 3 ranged attack with 5 health and 5 speed. From level 5 it unlocks Evade ability.

  • Level 8 Level 8 is maxed level as this is a rare card. At level 8 is carries 4 ranged attack at 6 health and 6 speed. Also, at max level, You can feel how fast and devastating attacks it will launch at max level while evading itself from enemy.



Javelin Thrower is a rare Earth ranged monster, she is from an unknown civilization, deep in amazon. This ranger is very proud of her Javelin as with it she has assassinated many big giants and evil souls in the battleground. She possesses two abilities, Evade and Piercing. Most of us already know about those 2 abilities of her but for those who don't, please read below.



To explain it the easy way, normally when you use a normal range monster, it attacks the shield first ( if there any ) and no matter how big the range power is your monster holding, if the opponent has armor, it cannot touch opponent's health until the armor is fully broken. Now if there are 1 armour and 2 health of the enemy and your ranger posses even 5 attack power. It will only break the shield at the 1st round then goes for the 2 health in the second round. But the monsters with piercing ability can launch attacks which will pierce through the armour and will do 4 damage (5 damage - 1 for armour = 4 damage ) to the health, and the enemy monster will get killed at the first round.



This ability gives her an increased chance to evade a ranged or melee attack from enemy monsters. It's very helpful when you place your Javelin at the rear position.

If you ask me, I would say the Piercing + evade is a deadly combo and on top that it's 6 speed is a winning factor. I used Javelin a lot with both my accounts. Today I am going to use @red-dog account for the gameplay, thanks to @netaterra for this awesome card collection. It has a max Javelin in it So I may do some devastating attacks with the help of it.

Now, Without further ado, let us straight jump into the gameplay!




Ruleset Of Batte


Ruleset So, It was a Close Range (In this rule, Range monsters can attack from the first position, so they will behave like melee sneak monsters that will not quit when even at the first position.) + Lost Magic (We can not use any magic monsters). Clearly, my Javelin is a rare range monster so I can use her in this battle.

Mana count It is a micro mana match with 12 mana cap!

Summoners This battle supports Fire, Earth and Dragon summoners.

At this much mana cap, after using the Javelin I will be left with only 7 mana. Normally I would not use A javelin here but this time I would like to take the risk.




Furious Chicken

I choose the Xandar Foxwood summoner at 2 mana, then I placed chicken at the front as It would take the first damage from the opponent and will ruin one of his attacks.It posses 1 ability as below.

Enrage (gets increased attack and speed after getting a hit to it's health).


Earth Elemental

I choose the Earth Elemental in the second position. As it is a Close Range ruleset it can attack from the first position and its healing ability can help him stay alive in the long run. It posses 1 ability as below.

Heal (restores a monster's health by a portion each round).


Swamp Thing

I use swamp thing at third position as it's the best option for 2 mana as I thought that moment.It posses 2 abilities as below.

Weaken (Reduce the health of all enemy monsters.)

Slow (All enemy monsters get -1 speed).


Javelin Thrower

I use Javelin Thrower in the last position because with high speed and evade ability, it may dodge sneak or sniper attacks.

Evade (This ability gives her an increased chance to evade a ranged or melee attack from enemy monsters.)

Piercing (while breaking the shield, the excess damage of that round will directly hit to enemy's health).



First, let us follow the opponent's line-up...

  • My opponent @jimbobbill is a very popular splinterlands player. He has used Selenia Splinter (gives +1 Range attack) on me.
  • At front he chooses Lord Arihantus as a tank card.
  • At 2nd, he picked Fire Demon followed by a Chicken at the rare position.



You can directly view the battle. Just click the hyperlink below.

Battle Link


Well, this time my weird deck works out well. The opponent's Lord didn't stand for a long run and before his Fire Demon could do something, all of my archers killed them all. It was a very good match and I liked his deck too!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Please let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.

I also wanna thank the entire @splinterlands team for their continuous and tireless effort on this game. You guys rock!!

Haven't joined this awesome game yet?? now is the time dude! Follow the link below and get yourself in the amazing world of Splinterlands. Link

All the images in this post are screenshots taken from the site below:


Cover picture is made with - Canva

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That's it for today! See you soon in my next post...



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