New Legendary Card Revealed

in #spt2 years ago (edited)

Today in SM discord channel @itharagaian was suggesting to add a new channel tombola for giveaways as giveaways are free and not much fun.
@yabapmatt disclosed this legendary card which is named tombola in there. Its 1 mana card and a legendary one. Its a Death card so i'm loving it. If you see stats and onl1 man than this card is really worth it for death. Do you want some tombola's? tell us why?


lol, I guess it's one of the untamed creature where he updated the name to tease me ;)
Pretty sure I will be teased a lot on this one lol

Typo though : tOmbola, not Tambola ;)

Thanks for the correction.
Still the card is deadly and it will be tombola. :)

Friend is an excellent letter and with little MANA by which it helps a lot in battle, I would like to have a letter like that. Greetings

Thanks :) Yea its great

👹❤ Oh Wow I Love this card @khan.dayyanz and hope to get one in my seasons end cards!! Awesome stats for a 1 Mana! It wouldbe great to have as a GOLD LEGENDARY, haha very expensive and rare im sure! Do you know if its a Beta or is it a Promo Card and do you have avlink to that post about it by @yabapmatt !? Thanks, upped 100% for sharing!💯 #palnet #neoxian #battle #steemace #spt #steemleo #marlians

No its neither beta nor reward card, may be its untamed card released when beta is gone. :)

Oooooh that would be cool!😎👍👹👾

If I want tombola, the death deck was getting bored \ o /

yup it will really make death deck great. :)

Wow, Death deck is my favorite too!

That bad boy combined with the undead priest will really knock the life out of your opponent.... I NEED THAT CARD! 😂

yup that card is really badass, and i hope it will be in game soon. :)

Of course I want one, imagine that card in a sneak rule with a bit of inspiration, for that mana cost it is worth it.

Thank you for shared :)

yea with 1 mana its really useful, in many cases, melee mahyem and also where 1 mana is left.

I like the concept thou. but for 1 mana isn't it offering too much in return?

yup i agree, may be its fake but we still have hopes. :) btw its maxed card

Hi, @khan.dayyanz!

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