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Hello everyone here's my daily quest rewards I won for completing my quest on steemmonsters splinterlands game and today I'm going to be giving away one of these cards to one lucky person if you are interested in getting involved please follow the rules below InShot_20190730_124650458.jpg


1 . upvote this post

2 . Resteem this post

3 . Comment which card you want if you win and tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway

That's it if you want a extra name to be added to the hat just send me 0.1 kgcoin token if you are thinking what's the hat let me explain I will be writing all entries name's down on some paper putting all names into the a hat give it a good shake and pick one name out and that will be the winner of this giveaway so if you want a extra name just follow all rules and send 0.1 kgcoin token @kgcoin if you do do this please remember to comment good luck everyone feel free to take part in my other giveaways
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