Splinterlands Season End Rewards!

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Every 15 days we get some amount of loot chests based on how high we rose in the leagues. I play on three accounts. Let's see what I found in my loot chests!


My most basic set of cards are in this account. I have 2 level 2 summoners and the rest are level 1. I got to Silver III which is as high as I could go, based on my Power rating, so I got 12 Loot chests. 4 had Common cards. Nothing exciting here but nothing expected!


My middle set of cards got to Gold III which is the highest it could go based on its power. I got 2 Epic cards - Axemaster and Torhilo The Frozen!


My best cards are in this account! I play the matches; it's not played by bots despite the name of the account. I got to Diamond II and received 50 loot chests. I got 2 Gold Foil Rares - Centauri Mage (value $8.70) and Captain's Ghost (value $4.95)!

Here is a collage of some of cards I got, including 3 of the 4 good ones mentioned above:


Here is the 4th card I mentioned, Axemaster:


How Were Your Season Rewards?

I hope you found some cards to make you happy. I wish you well in all your battles, even if they are against me! 😃👍


I tried this game some time ago, and I wasn't really into it. I'm more of a console gamer, but I will give this game another shot.

I have not time for games but like always.

thanks for exposing this game I have to give it a try I may like it and end up playing it I am fascinated by video games. Regards.

The game looks interesting and if it is played well you could get some money in the rewards for seasons in the tournaments and it could also be by buying and selling cards. Thanks for sharing I hope you continue.

Nice to hear you got a very good card. I've never played this game. I don't know much about it. Nice to know.you enjoy your game.

Thank you so much for sharing a new game with us.have a good day.

Gracias por la información,los juegos nos permiten desestresarnos.Saludos.

thank you very much for sharing a great report, have a good day and have a great mood

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