Splinterlands Untamed | Lvl 2 Epic FEREXIA GENERAL, and Lvl 3 PYROMANIAC

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You know what's epic? The fact we are now done with all of those boring common and rare cards, and are going to take a look at the epic cards!

First off, we've got two from the Fire Splinter, the FEREXIA GENERAL, and the PYROMANIAC.


Cards 2381-2386

Screen Shot 20191224 at 12.33.24 PM.png

Clearly the FEREXIA GENERAL is holding a flamethrower. It's not exactly clear how one could snipe with a flamethrower, but we'll suspend disbelief for a moment. We'll also forget the fact he looks less like a monster, and more like he's from a 70s spy movie. I digress. This is actually a decent card, so we'll cut Mr. Flaming Shag Carpet a break.

Screen Shot 20191224 at 12.34.12 PM.png

This guy is reminiscent of the PIRATE CAPTAIN from the Beta edition. He starts out a sniper, and at level 3 matches the captain's damage, and at level 4 he gets the Inspire ability as well just like our captain. It isn't until level 5 that the extra 2 mana makes him actually better. At this point he can do 4 damage, and maxed out at level 6 he gets the Shatter ability.

Since our good captain is part of the Water Splinter, I've had to rely on the ENCHANTED PIXIE (beta) for that extra damage bonus. Having a 5-mana ranged card for the Fire Splinter with good damage, and the Inspire is definitely a boon. Imagine a melee card like the EXPLODING DWARF (Reward) with bonuses from this guy, the ENCHANTED PIXIE, and MALRIC INFERNO (Beta). Talk about a nuke!

Screen Shot 20191224 at 1.00.54 PM.png

Boohoo, my 5 cards only gets me to level 2, which isn't good for squat. I'll need to get this puppy to level 4 for it to be useful.

Verdict: Keep and upgrade to level 4. Sell the gold foil.


Cards 2387-2398/2500

Screen Shot 20191224 at 12.33.43 PM.png

To conclude our Epic fire monsters, we have the PYROMANIAC. A monster close to my heart on name alone. He's a 6-mana (ouch) ranged sneaker.

Screen Shot 20191224 at 12.34.38 PM.png

Under certain circumstances this card might be useful sub-level-4, but in most cases I'm just going to use a run-of-the-mill melee sneaker like the KOBOLD MINER (Beta). Where this card gets very interesting is in Keep Your Distance rounds, where you can't use melee attacks. At level 5 this will be a pesky card when it gets the Blast ability, and maxed out it will be a real rear nuker. This will be especially true if paired with a ranged bonus summoner like SELENIA SKY (Beta)

Screen Shot 20191224 at 1.01.45 PM.png

My 12 cards gets me into level 3, which will probably only be useful in that one corner case, and a it has to be a higher mana round to boot.

Verdict: Keep and get to level 5 eventually.

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