A Positive Return On A Round Of Untamed Cards Bought With Ebay Funds

in #spt5 years ago (edited)

So I was able to sell some more stuff on Ebay, so I thought I'd use some of that money to pick up another round of Untamed cards. This time around I'm pretty satisfied with the result.


Screen Shot 20200109 at 11.02.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200109 at 11.02.50 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200109 at 11.03.05 PM.png

I can't complain about this lot, getting 2 solid legendary cards. I was able to upgrade my CORNEALUS to level 2, which makes it a lot more useful. I now have 2 KRON THE UNDYING, still not enough to do anything with. It was lean on the epic cards, for which I only received the underwhelming SPORCERER. I did get quite a few good rare and common cards however. This round bumped up my ROI a few percent as well.

Screen Shot 20200110 at 8.27.26 AM.png

Tally so far for purchased untamed packs.
Packs: 45 (225 Cards)
Cost: $90
Market Price: $73.37
ROI: ~ -18%

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