Ending Steem Monsters Giveaways After 2 Year / 1,000+ Card Giveaway Run

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After Nearly 2 Years and Over 1,000+ Cards Given Away, the @jonnyla08 Team Is Officially Ending Steem Monsters Giveaways

Opening Remarks

First and foremost I would like to say how deeply grateful I am to everyone that has shown myself and my team of accounts support over these past 2 years.

The friendships that I have made over this time through Steemit, Steem Monsters, Steembasicincome and all the other groups I’ve hand the pleasure of being a part of has been the driving force behind what made Steemit great and kept me coming back day in and day out.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my journey and growth over these past 2 years.

Past Accomplishments

@jonnyla08 - somewhere in the range of 500 Steem Monsters giveaways conducted

@monstermadness - between 300 and 400 Steem Monsters giveaways conducted

@just4kicks46 - nearly 200 Steem Monsters giveaways conducted

@steemexplorers - approaching 500 Steembasicincome shares given away and counting

Ongoing @jonnyla08 Activites

This is not a farewell and I will still be around regularly.

I will simply be shifting many of my activities to a more passive approach now that my family has grown and life has gotten more demanding.

I will continue to be a proud member of the @teampossible Steem Monsters guild.

I plan to turn my focus over to my flagship project @steemexplorers which I have been putting on the back burner for far too long now.

I still have a passive DEC based upvoting bot called @givememonsters that will continue to run but that exists solely to help give people a little boost and there are presently no plans to grow that bot beyond the $0.02 upvote it has now.

I operate two Steem Monsters rental accounts:

@monstermadness - All Untamed Cards
@dusthero - All Alpha, Beta, Promo and Reward Cards that I own

I lease out a herons gold foil silver / gold league deck called @lordoflight (an obviously play off of Game of Thrones 😊).

I play a couple of delegated decks from a Teampossible teammate so you may still be playing against me and not even know it!

I co-manage another account called @just4kicks46 for Steem Monsters.

So as you can see there is still a lot of things I have going on and have my hands in.

If anyone ever needs me or wants to reach out you can find me in MANY discord channels with the same screen name @jonnyla08.

Steemexplorers Discord Link



Good luck for your future plans

Thanks for all the giveaways it’s been great I know I’ve won a few cards from it

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hey, what's your problem downvoting me twice ?

@clixmoney this was unintentional, I was trying to test out a program that ctime and mmmmkkkk311 use to auto-downvote anyone using SBI and in the short time I was playing around with it, it looks like ctime upvoted you and the program cause my account to auto-downvote you in return. I just removed both downvoted, sorry for what happened here. My sincerest apologies.

It's ok. Thanks for explaining.

Be careful. You just auto downvoated a lot of people. Not everyone here is reasonable and they will hit you back. Also be careful flagging accounts like “Steemcleaners” who have the ability to wipe you out ;)

@adetorrent yesterday I was trying to figure out how a couple of individuals on Steemit used a program called downvote-tool to target anyone that uses steembasicincome. Just to see how it worked I set mine up to counter upvotes that these two individuals provided but then I thought I had removed it and unauthorized the rights to my account for the app but apparently I did not do it correctly and my account has been rampantly downvoting any posts those two individuals had upvoted in the past 18 hours or so. I just made sure it’s been revoked properly this time and I went through and removed as many downvotes from my account that I could find over the past day and a half. It was a pretty bad oversight on my part and I do apologize to you and everyone else for this. I am dealing with very frustrating downvoted every single time I post on Steemit now and I just wanted to see how these two people were orchestrating their auto-downvoted. My sincerest apologies.

It's fine, no need to apologise to me :) .
I know what you mean about the auto downvotes. I had to deal with that from one of the largest whales on the platform for months. As long as it's dust downvotes from those -10% guys, I'll just ignore it. I don't really understand the game they're playing to be honest. seems like a waste of time. The imk ones are a bit larger though since it's an Orca account so that could be annoying.

Good luck.

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