Sooooo close to Champions league!

in #spt2 years ago

Felt a little annoyed playing SteemMonsters this morning as my page seems to be stuck at 'loading'. At first I thought it was my internet acting up since I was also downloading a series but after I've checked the SteemMonsters Discord, it seems I was not the only one who experienced this problem.

As a result, I think I lost 3 ranked matches because of this because I was not able to send in my deck. After completing my daily quest and getting the daily quest loot chests, I immediately stopped playing even though my ECR is still not below 75%.

I did continue playing 2 hours ago just to manage my ECR and what do you know, I again got a winning streak which made me almost reach the CHAMPIONS league. XD


One more win and I would have ended this season in the CHAMPIONS league again but unfortunately I lost the last battle I had today. It was a very close battle though and I would have won if my monsters speed were a little faster than my opponents. The battle was so close that last monster standing on the opponents side only has 1 HP. XD

Anyways, I also played some matches in the afternoon this last two seasons and got an unusually high win rate compare to my morning battles. I am now honestly considering doing all my matches in the afternoon instead of the morning if only I can. XD


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