Season End Rewards! Ending the Season as a CHAMPION again.

in #spt2 years ago

Note to self: I really should resist the urge to immediately open my season end rewards and only open it on the next day. XD --- I always say this after claiming my season end rewards like today. XD

One thing I've noticed after claiming a bunch of season end rewards is that I mostly get good cards when I claim it on the next day (or after some hours have passed or in my case after a good night's sleep) compared to when I immediately claimed it when the season ends.

What I think is that a lot of people are also opening their season end rewards and those people who are more fast than me have already gotten the good cards. I'm not sure if there is a daily fixed drop rate of some cards but if there is then it would make sense that most of us would have gotten a bunch of common or only DEC's since the drop rate of the good cards (like legendaries) have already reached their limit that day. (Again this is only what I think)

Anyways, I really did so well the last season and is currently the highest battle rating I have ever reached as you can see on the chart below.


Still a long way towards Champion II but I still honestly can't believe I made it in CHAMPION III for 3 times-in-a-row now.

Champion End.jpg

As to my season end rewards, It was not at all at a Champion level kind of reward. T_T XD

In summary, I only got a total of 1495.71 DEC card burn value (not sure why there would be a .71 here) and around 450 DEC's from a Champion season end reward.

I honestly expected at least 1 Epic or 1 legendary and even 1 rare gold but as what I expected from opening early my season end rewards, I mostly got commons. XD Well better luck next time I guess.


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