First time battling against someone in the TOP 15!

in #spt2 years ago

I'm not sure if I should be pissed off that I was matched against someone wayyyyy outtt of myyy leagueee or I should be honored that finally in the 2 years+ that I have been battling, I was for some reason matched up against someone in the top 15 (All active players). XD


Today on one of my ranked matches, I was matched up against the player above. What caught my attention though is his/her Battle Rating. This is the first time where I was matched up against someone whose battle rating is above 5000+. FIVE THOUSANDDD!

I honestly intentionally click the "battle" button 10 second before the time expires because I somewhat feel that I would really lose this battle and I would just like to suffer him/her a bit by wasting at least 2 minutes of his/her time. XD

As what I expected, I lost the battle but when I checked this season's leaderboard I somewhat felt honored after knowing that the account I was battling was in the TOP 13! I was against someone in the TOP THIRTEENNNN!


What's more cool though is that I really feel that I have a chance of winning this battle if not for the almost 100% Stun Rate of his Stone Golem.

I still don't get how the Armorsmith chooses what monsters to 'repair' armor to but I would have win if it kept repairing the Furious Chicken's armor (to keep the opponent's Elven Cutthroat busy) and my Sacred Unicorn to not be stunned by the opponents Stone Golem.

If not for the Stun, I would have defeated someone in the top! (Or so I think XD)


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