Mystic Passage of Mortis// Official Music for Splinterlands

in spt •  8 days ago 

You must clicky da pic to hear it

This piece is a bit different from my others in that it is more of a lo-fi atmospheric soundscape.
Aggroed gave me a list of instances for which he needs music and I've looped this one to encompass several different types of instances: secret cave, hideout, secret passage, bandit fort, and labyrinth.
This one took 3 weeks to finish because I'm crazy.
It started out as a completely different piece and transformed into this ... mostly because my cats kept changing it while I was sleeping .........

I have also included some digital art that represents what I'm seeing in my mind as I listen to this piece.

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"'because I am crazy" and "the cats kept changing it"


Also, this music totally feels like I'm in a place I shouldn't be... like the caves in The Burning Lands on the way to the Unknown... 😱


  ·  8 days ago (edited)

I was actually going to message you and ask if this should be for Mortis or the Burning Lands!!!

So your the one responsible for all this music continually going around in my head? :)

lol I'm sorry!

:) :)

Listened to the whole set... very nice.

Thank you!

Yes love this!!! It makes me jelly!!! I wanna make one. asap i am gonna do it!!!!
Great job. so very cool!

Thank you....we actually have a Splinterlands music contest, that would be awesome if you entered!

I would like to enter and absolutely will if i can find a window of time. this end of the years is a busy one! but i do need my music time!!!

The art matches the music very well. Love it!

Thank you!

@isaria, As soon as i played the Music i felt the strong meaning in it and strong emotions of it.

Keep doing the wonderful work and stay blessed.

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Thank you so much!

Welcome. 🙂

Wow, I didn't know you were doing stuff. I like this interesting one. By the way, are those your drawings? If so you're amazing, maybe if they're not yours you're just the same with that music you've made.

Thank you! I wish I could draw like that, I used to create the images.

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