Useless Reward as always..

in #spt4 years ago

Hello Everybody,

Undoubtedly, SM is full of shit rewards nowadays so playing isn't worth at all this is why I am free from such crap where I spent my precious time for no reason. My decision was right a month ago that I hand over my all decks to someone for the sake of completing the daily quest. This way my all accounts are earning very less because the playing is not for farming dec but collecting useless chests. xD

I realize that wise people are quitting this game while foolish are still investing though I also lie in those people who can't resist buying the cheapest cards if I ever have seen them on the market. So, I won't comment on any because everyone wishes for something that we even don't know. Let them be and spend our lives by choice.

The reward claimed by this account..


Nothing impressive and worth sharing but still I am showing like stupid...xD

~ Adios


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