Today's Quest with No Neutral

in #spt4 years ago

Hello Everybody,

After a long time, I gather some courage and beat my laziness to play my personal account to see how much I still know about this game. xD Well, I know a bit this is why I completed this quest in just 3 battles. I had a quest where I don't have to use Neutral cards while completing it. I avoided using such cards especially the Chicken one.

This game seems pretty easy to learn and play for collecting digital assets along with some handsome earning. I am trying to make a gold account so looking for some gold legs and epic but before that, I need to level up common and rare cards. Wish me the best of LUCK!!

The reward claimed by this account today...



Pretty easy? huh? That doesn't happen every time. I'm happy that I spent less time. Now I can do other online stuff that I had to do for a long time now.

~ Adios


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