The Power of a Common Reward Card | Flame Monkey | An ORB Opening

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Hi Players,

Its been a while that I never posted about any of the new cards from an Untamed edition or any other one as I was busy somewhere (still I am). Luckily, I found one of an amazing battle to share over here the power of a common card. I had shared some legendary cards power before. This time I found the beauty of a common reward card.

Flame Monkey

Flame Monkey can rub the hands to make fire. It was bred for the Kobolds that can be easily trained and adjust the high temperature. This was something from its Lore. In reality, it doesn't make fire and throw fire from its hands but gives armor to the most damaged monsters at LVL 5. You need 60 cards to get LVL 5 if you are leveling up it with regular ones. Its a reward card which can you get from the quest reward easily then level it up to enjoy its ability.

This little flame monkey has power to give armor to all of the friendly monsters from the team who gets the most damage. The best use of this ability for the armor holder tanks. It works wonder.

The swiftness ability at the max level is helpful to boost every monsters' speed. Its a speed booster pill who caries only 1 mana. Isn't it cool? ;)

⚔️ Flame Monkey Battle ⚔️

The battle I played today from my gold account got two rulesets that were easy to beat opponent team. I used Flame monkey many time but this time it works wonder. I mean it helped to make the tank alive till the last breath of the game.

and 26 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

The below screenshots represents an overview of the battle that I am sharing above to show the power of a common reward card. I hope you will enjoy watching it by clicking the above link.


A Little Insight of the Lineup

LVL 5 Pyre is from an Untamed edition summoner. Pyre helps to boost 1+ speed to all of the monsters against the enemy team. I had to use Flame Monkey card so I used Pyre to summon it. I loved to use Pyre whenever I had to play with the fire deck.

LVL 3 Living Lava is a Melee Tank monster from the Fireteam which has 3 melee attacks. A perfect tank from an Untamed edition as it carries armor too which is too good when you are about to use Flame monkey for its repairability.

LVL 5 Goblin Shaman with Weaken and Slow ability has guts to change the entire game completely. It always helps in the fire deck to weaken the opponent's health and slow down their speed. It goes good with Pyre

LVL 6 Flame Monkey with its repairability at this level is all you need to give armor to Living Lava that I used as a tank. Pyre gives him 1 extra speed so 4 speed was amazing to give armor again and again to the tank. You'll love to watch the battle.

LVL 5 Beetle Queencomes under the reward edition. It has a 2 magic attack at this level along with healing the tank up when it is needed. My tank wasn't a self healer so I had to use one tank healer to heal it up so it stays last longer.

LVL 5 Kobold Miner with a sneak ability always attacks the last positioned monster of the opponent team with 2 melees and 3 speed at this level. Its speed boosted with pyre as well.

LVL 5 Mantoid with snipe ability always wonders by attacking opponent team. It has got a nice ranged attacks to kill the enemy team nicely. I used it at last.


The final result of this battle is a winning streak as you can see the below screenshot. To be honest, a flame monkey and tank healer does the job nicely in this battle.



An ORB Opening

I wasn't about to open any of the ORBs till my holding reached to 100 at least but I couldn't resist myself so I opened one only to see how it goes with my luck. Luckily, I got 2 common golds that were much needed for my gold deck. ;)


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