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Hi Players,

WELLCOME back to my blog! I'm sharing one of the maxed reward legendary cards The Kraken power on the battlefield. I have experienced the first time how much it is powerful and why I maxed it out. Sharing my experience on later this post

The Kraken


The Kraken is no doubt an ocean beast monster which is so powerful. It looks ugly when you see it carefully. Honestly, it always an oversight but I knew it knows how much it is powerful and worthy for the water deck since it is a sea monster so it's obvious to belong to the water family.

All of the enemy monsters target this monster if they are able to hit. It means none can target other monsters if you have used The Kraken in your team.

Demoralize ability helped to reduce at least one melee attack of the enemy monsters. So it ultimately favored our team.

If any of the enemy monsters hit The Kraken badly then it will get increased in speed and health both which means it will get more power to hit.

The Kraken can retaliate at the max level when the monster hits it with melee attacks.

⚔️ The Kraken Battle ⚔️

After some days, I opened my deck to play some battles keeping in mind to get some content for my post. Luckily, I found a battle that is worth sharing I believe. I played this battle using Lost Magic ruleset which fits for The Kraken.

and 40 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

The below screenshots represents an overview of the battle that I am sharing above to show the power of a common reward card. I hope you will enjoy watching it by clicking the above link.


A Little Insight of the Lineup

LVL 7 Bortus is from an Untamed edition summoner for playing with the water family. It reduces one magic attack of the enemy monster if they are from the magic team. I used it to summon The Kraken.

LVL 4 The Kraken is a Melee Tank monster from the Reward Edition with 4 outstanding abilities which are too good to have in any battle to win the streak. I loved to use this way as a Tank because the rule was in favor.

LVL 5 Electric Eels with its blast ability and reachability is a great monster in this water team so I used it in the second position because of the ruleset. Though it doesn't make any difference but still it was a good use.

LVL 5 Sabre Shark is a sneaky monster so I used it in the middles because I knew that all of the enemy monsters would be busy in hitting The Kraken so I could easily target their last positioned monsters.

LVL 6 Crustacean King with its Tank healing and protectability is a great addition to this battle because the rule was Lost Magic so I could add more armour to the Tank. Also, The Kraken works very well when you use the Tank Healer after that.

LVL 4 Water Elemental is a ranged monster which is used to hit the Tank. It can also heal himself whenever it gets health damaged.

LVL 2 Cornelius is a great ranged monster with its two amazing abilities. I had enough mana so I was free to use it at this position. It really goes well.


The final result of this battle is a winning streak as you can see the below screenshot. To be honest, The Kraken is a real beast at its max level and more fun to beat the max level deck. I always wished to beat Giker for once. I caught him finally. xD


Today's Quest Reward

This is from the daily quest reward from the one account by me. It always heartbreaking but this time I got at least 300+ DEC out of loot chests. Somewhat NICE!!



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