Serpentine Spy: An Opportunity Taken Monster

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Hello SM Players,

Another week with another #Splinterlands Weekly Challenge that is about any of the cards who holds an Opportunity Ability. If you want to participate in this challenge then click here.

Opportunity Ability

I really do like this ability the most. In the very beginning when I was a newbie, I only noticed that Fiendish Harpey contains an Opportunity ability which is too expensive for me to buy so I skipped it. This is why I like the Untamed edition where you can experience this ability by buying some cheap common cards. Now I have some noteworthy opportunity holding monsters that I am using frequently. This ability clearly depicts that it always in search of finding a low health enemy monster to attack.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I could play battle with any opportunity taken monster but I went for using Pyre team as I had to use Serpentine Spy which carries only 3 mana. I played the battle with two cool rulesets that were a great favor in winning this battle. The Equalizer ruleset is above board to win any battle.

and 29 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

The below screenshots represents an overview of the battle that I am sharing in this weekly challenge. I hope you will enjoy watching it by clicking the above link.


Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 5 Pyre is from an Untamed edition summoner. I already leveled up to 5 in Gold. The reason for leveling up is to use in the gold deck for its speed up ability. Pyre helps to boost 1+ speed to all of the monsters against the enemy team. I had to use Serpentine Spy card so I used Pyre to summon Serpentine. I start loving the fireteam when an Untamed edition came into place. Pyre has magically enhanced the speed of all monsters used in the above battle.

LVL 3 Living Lava is a Melee monster from the Fire team which has 3 melee attacks. I had only LVL 3 at the moment though my Pyer could summon the LVL 5 Living Lava. I had no Cerberus so I was compelled to use Living lava that went really well. The abilities helped in this battle is:
Shield: helped to miss some of the enemy attacks

LVL 4 Giant Roc carries 5 mana along with 2 melee attacks so I used in the second position because it can attack from there. I had only Giant Roc to use at this position because my main focus to kill the melee monster of the enemy team. The ABILITY of this monster was helpful in the battle is:

Reach: The best way to hit the enemy tank twice.

LVL 4 Serpentine Spy with an opportunity ability is a great addition to the fire deck. This cute little spy is always in search to find the weaker opponent monster to kill. So, Serpentine does his job nicely as you can see the battle. I always prefer to such monsters in the middle of the battle somewhere. Pyre boosted his speed level from 5 to 6 which was amazing. The ability helped the most in the battle is:

Opportunity: it helps to kill the weaken monsters of the enemy team

LVL 3 Fire Elemental is a wonderful blasting monster as fire deck is already full of blast ability monster but this is so amazing to use in the middle of the battle team. Originally, it has only 3 health at this level but I knew that I am gonna playing with Equalizer ruleset so I couldn't enough think to use it there. The ability which helped a lot:

Blast: this helps to target the second positioned monster as well

LVL 5 Beetle Queencomes under the reward edition. It has a 2 magic attack at this level along with healing the tank up when it is needed. My tank wasn't a self healer so I had to use one tank healer to heal it up so it stays last longer. The ability of Queen was a helping hand is:

Tank Heal: Healing the Tank monster

LVL 5 Kobold Miner is a 2 mana holding monster with Sneak ability that only hits the last monster of the enemy team. I guess I had only 2 mana left to use any of the cards so I used Kobold miner. The ability that was useful in the battle:

Sneak: Used to hit the last positioned monster from an enemy team

Did this Strategy work out well?

Yeah as you can see the below screenshot of the end result where I won this battle because of the strategy I used in the battle. The ruleset was Equalizer so I could use any of the monsters without taking care of health.



Do you use the Oppertunity often?

Yes, I use Opportunity ability the most right after an Untamed edition launching. I'm happy that now I could use this ability via common cards that are far less expensive than epic Fiendish. I have tried this ability using Serpentine Spy, Feasting Seaweed, Maggots, and Cave Slug. As you might familiar that every deck now has at least one opportunity taken monster and all of them are common cards.


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