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Hello Everybody,

Hope every one of you is doing fine. STEEM is pumping from the last two days because of HF23 that has happened just today with a lot of unethical mess that is not bearable at all. I pity those who deliberately losing their respect by making such silly mistakes. Those mistakes are usually expecting from the toddlers. Well, the only thing I liked was reducing the power down time. This is how I am now able to get all power back to liquid in just a month. I powered down again so I could get as soon as possible.

SM was really sucked today. I think the SM Site was also down but I didn't pay heed to it as I was busy making Iftar dishes. I'm the only one who has to do all household because my mother is not my servant who prepares everything for me. I'm just here to share the daily reward.

Now I will go back for prayer because this holy night that I couldn't miss. I may not found this night next year, who knows. See ya till then-new happenings..

The reward claimed by this account today...


The quest was about life!! This what randomness I received!!!

~ Adios


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