Gelatinous Cube, Albatross, & Lord Have No Attack BUT quite POWERFUL

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Hello SM Players,

Unfortunately, I missed the last two week's challenges due to some busy schedules of personal life. Now I'm gonna participate in the new one challenge that is about No Attack ability so if you wanna take a part then click here.

No Attack Ability

This ability clearly depicts that such cards have no chance to attack any monster but they are quite useful in certain cases. No attack ability doesn't mean those cards aren't useful but they play a vital role in many rulesets, for example, Albatross healing the tank with no attack, The Lord gives thorn and reflects the magic attack and many more. I am yet to share a battle using Albatross, The Lord Arianthus, and Gelatinous Cube. You will love watching it. Here you go...


Albatross is a great edition to an Untamed edition because it carries only one mana and heals the tank at LVL 6. I remembered those days when it was so expensive and I purchased the gold 1 BCX at $1.75 this is how I reached to LVL 6. Crustacean King also good but it is much better than in my opinion. Such a powerful!!

The LORD is one of the overpowered cards in the world of #splinterlands with 4 amazing abilities while it doesn't attack. I always put it as a tank and it never failed me whenever I used this way. I have LVL 3 of it which is damn good for certain rulesets.

Gelatinous Cube is undoubtedly a superb reward card with self-healing ability at LVL 6. It's scavenger ability also makes it more powerful and this is too good among all reward cards. It has NO Attack ability but quite an impressive card to use in many rulesets. Also, it has the ability to make you surprise sometimes. I witnessed those battles where it was an Unbeatable action.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I just got time to post now the battle I won an early day where I had used three no attack ability monsters successfully with no chance of losing the streak. This is my winning streak with two amazing rulesets i.e.

and 25 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

The below screenshots represents an overview of the battle that I am sharing in this weekly challenge. I hope you will enjoy watching it by clicking the above link.


Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 7 Bortus is from an Untamed edition summoner that reduces one magic attack of the enemy monsters if they had used magic monsters in the battle. ROTS that I used in his team also helped to reduce one magic attack and this is called a double win-win situation. xD I wanted to use Albatross to show how no attack monster made you win a streak this is why I choose Bortus.

LVL 3 Lord Arianthus is a perfect monster to place as a tank that has no attack but it comes with 4 main abilities that do help a lot in the battlefield such as Thorn, Magic Reflect, Void, and Shield. I put it as a tank because the rule was Armored Up and people loved to use magic attack monsters this is why I used to LA to give them magic reflect. All of its abilities helped a lot and an Albatross made him alive till the last breath of the battle.

LVL 6 Gelatinous Cube carries 6 mana along with 2 amazing abilities at this level that is self-healing and Scavenger. I loved to use it as a tank or in the second position for many of the reasons named as to avoid the magic attack if I don't have any other magic reflector monster so I use it this way a lot. It has no attack ability but very powerful due to the above-mentioned abilities. I won many battles just because of this cube as a tank monster. The ruleset was already an Equalizer and its scavenger ability make it better.

LVL 3 Mermaid Healer is a promo healer girl with one magic attack. I used it to the middle of the battle so that it can help to heal the left and right monsters of her whenever they get damaged. Believe me, this played an important role to make the ROTS alive otherwise ROTS gets damaged easily if it gets magic to reflect. The ability helped the most in the battle is:

Triage: Healing the left and right monsters

LVL 4 Ruler of the Seas is a savior monster in the water family whenever you confronted with such rulesets. Both rulesets were in favor of him. Its swiftness and blast ability helper to kill the enemy monsters faster. ROTS went well just because of the Mermaid Healer due to her Triage ability which made the ROTS last long till the end.

Swiftness: increased the speed of all monsters
Silence: reduced one magic attacks of the enemy monster
Blast: this helps to target the second positioned monster as well

LVL 6 Albatrosscomes under the untamed edition which has no attack ability but a great tank healer with one mana cap. It has two main abilities that are Flying and Tank Healer. I used it for the second last position so it won't die at first because I wanted to make LA alive with the help of Albatross. As you can see the battle where Albatross continued to heal LA till the end of the battle. I could say that this only card help to make all of the team alive till the last second. The ability of Albatross was a helping hand is:

Tank Heal: Healing the Tank monster

LVL 3 Furious Chicken could be used in any of the battles at the end position or as a tank depends on the players. I normally put it in the last so it takes damage first. The rule was an Equalizer so I though the Chicken will also get equal health so it would be good using this position so it gets attacks when a sneaky monster hits.

Did this Strategy work out well?

Hell yeah, the strategy using LA as a Tank and Cube behind the Lord works great. Also, Albatross helped a lot to heal the LORD again and again without getting damage. This is how my all monsters stay longer than usual. The end result you can see in the below screenshot. :P



Do you use the No Attack often?

Yes, I loved to use Cube, LA, and Failed Summoner in many of the battles. These monsters are a great assets in the #splinterlands world and they are quite powerful than others even though they don't attack. Cube is my go-to monster when I can't use LA. The Cube never failed me whenever I used it on the battlefield.


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