Another Weekend..

in #spt4 years ago

Hello Everybody,

Weekends have always been busy besides quarantine. We are having fast so routine is pretty exhausted and hectic these days this is why I always put my post late night. I'm checking various things at a time which is taking a lot of my precious time from real-life to fake ones.

Well, I have a plan to max my one of the decks on SM which definitely takes time. But I can at least try a little as I'm not passionate about playing and upgrading anymore. I feel so obsessed before but now my mind has totally been changed for two months.

I had already upgraded some reward cards to max which I hardly use in the battle whenever I play. Though I bought Camila maxed summoner to summon these max cards.

The reward claimed by this account today...


...this is a quest reward. Nothing new in it. I'm on Dimond III League and see what shit I got. xD

~ Adios


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