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Hello SM Players,

Another week with another #Splinterlands Weekly Challenge that is about Javelin Thrower. If you want to participate in this challenge then click here.

Javelin Thrower

First off, I really liked reptile shaped female warrior in the Splinterlands. It comes under a reward edition that means people can get it from the quest reward. But its already printed out so you can now buy from the market to play with. Its high speed and ranged attack are remarkable and noteworthy when you are playing with earth deck as it belongs to the Earth family. It can be summoned via dragon, layana, and Wizard of Eastwood. Go to the below part of this post to see how Javelin performs on the battlefield.

The piercing ability not only damage the armor but the health of that victim monster. So no fear of seeing high armor enemy monster as a tank when you have Javelin to hit them.

Dodge means there is a high chance of evading melee and ranged attacks as well. This ability can be unlocked at LVL 5.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I do have Javelin so this challenge was easy to go for me this is why I am submitting the battle pretty soon than usual. I played this battle with two suitable rulesets where I can easily use Javelin Thrower.

and 32 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

The below screenshots represents an overview of the battle that I am sharing in this weekly challenge. I hope you will enjoy watching it by clicking the above link.


Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 4 Camila Sungazer is a blind dragon summoner that is used to reduce 1 melee of the opponent team's melee monsters only. I liked that it carries only 3 Mana that's why it is convenient to use in any mana cap because most of the summoners carry 3 mana. I used this dragon summoner for its reducing melee ability because melee monsters are a must in any of the battles so it would be helpful to reduce their attack. Luckily, my enemy team used 3 monsters with melee attacks.

LVL 2 The Vigilator is a legendary card with a double strike ability. I used it as a tank because of the double strike and ranged attack as close ranged meant to attack from the first position as well. I really enjoyed its double striking ability along with Thorn. I put the tank healer at the last position to heal it so it stays a little longer than usual. The abilities helped in this battle is:
Double Strike: helped to attack twice
Thorn: gives a damage when the enemy hits

LVL 5 Manticore is a perfect card to use as a reach monster in the dragon battles. The reason I used is it carries a low mana cap along with 2 amazing abilities that are Thorn and Reachability. Moreover, it has got nice health and speed to hit the tank very well. I always enjoy it as a second position. The ABILITY of this monster was helpful in the battle is:

Thorn: It was giving Thorn when a monster hits.
Reach: The best way to hit the enemy tank twice.

LVL 4 Brownie with Swiftness ability helped the team supercharged and swift so that all monsters can get one extra speed to attack first if there is a turn. I had one extra mana so I prefer to use Brownie due to its swift ability which goes really well. The ability helped the most in the battle is:

Swiftness: it helps to maximize the speed

LVL 8 Screeching Vulture is a wonderful Opportunity taken monster under the reward edition. I only placed it for its amazing opportunity ability this time. It gets one extra speed so willing to attack first. I always prefer to place it somewhere instead of using a sneaky monster which has a high chance to get damage if an opponent uses any thorn ability monster in the last of his team. The ability which helped a lot:

Opportunity: this helps to target the low health monster

LVL 4 Javelin Throwercomes under the reward edition. It has a 3 ranged attack at this level which is pretty good to give 3 damage at once. She is a warrior and I liked its design the most. It looks like a wild warrior woman who got a piercing ability to hit both armor and health at once. I used it to kill the enemy team even from the front position on its own turn.

LVL 3 Spirit of the Forest played a very nice role in the battle because of its healing and protecting ability. The Tank healer ability used to heal the tank and protection made everyone gain 2 extra armor. The armor used to prevent the health damage for the first time when an opponent monster hits (as the Dragon Jumper hit the armor first while attacking in the battle). Plus its high speed was enough to boost the battle time and attack the back positioned monsters of an enemy team. The abilities that were useful in the battle:

Tank Heal: Healing the Tank monster
Protect: Giving 2 extra armor to every monster
Snipe: Used to hit the back positioned monster with high speed

Did this Strategy work out well?

Yeah as you can see the below screenshot of the end result where I won this battle because of the strategy I used in the battle. The ruleset was Close Ranged so my prime focus was using ranged monsters as much as I can use. So I choose three ranged attack monsters where The Vigilator was a perfect choice using as a tank.



Do you use the Javelin Thrower often?

Yes, I use this card frequently whenever I had to play with Earth deck as I believe this is the best-ranged attack monster if you are talking about the reward cards. It is pretty good to use in such ruleset as I used above in the battle. I have to level up this monster more. I remember those days when people were getting Javelin in the quest reward but unfortunately I grabbed very little as I joined SM late. And, Javelin was about to print out that time. Now I just have to buy it.


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