6 Rare in Today's Quest is like party.. xD

in #spt4 years ago

Hello Everybody,

In such a bullshit reward system, getting 6 regular rare cards is really something extraordinary. Though I stop looking for getting something awesome which can make my day someday. But this kind of reward is amazing to get which can be used to level up as I'm saving up to upgrade these reward cards to the max level.

The day went so exhausted and unmotivated with so much domestic fuss. I'm happy that I found a night to get some relaxation for the next bright day. I have to do multiple things in the upcoming days. I wish ALLAH help me as he always made me proud in certain matters.

I tried multiple times to upload today's quest screenshot but I failed due to Internet issues. The net is going too much slow as my laptop Win 10 is upgrading so all net speed goes there.

So sharing the post without any featured image. I'm feeling hell sleepy now. 'll come with another post.

~ Adios


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