2 ORBS in Daily Quest | NICE

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Hello Everybody,

SM reward system is known as shitty since the new reward system has launched. For sure, there could be some hidden points behind this change. So, in this scenario. getting a good reward is a great blessing. One of my accounts got 2 ORBS that I saved up because I will not open any since I always get shit inside these ORBS.

Today, I also checked how much ORB packs are remaining then I came to know that 36k+ ORB packs are still on the market that needs to be sold out. I guess all will be finished this month for sure as we all are getting ORB packs in the quest reward and some people are buying them to open. So there are chances to finish soon, maybe this month of May or next to the half-month. Let's see...

The reward claimed by this account today...


From the above reward, I got 2 ORBS so I won't say that I got shit again. xD Somewhat happy, yeah.. :P
~ Adios


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