SPS Airdrop- Very close to target of 75k

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Hello all @splinterlands lover and Hive friends


The play2earn game is the concept which we have seen successfully implemented in many blockchin game and splinterlands is one of the biggest success story in this regard.
Almost five year back I started playing the game (thanks to @rentmoney for the playable account he provided). At that time I never thought the J will be involve in the game so much and this will be a part of my daily routine.

SPS Airdrop

Almost a year ago the splinterlands team has started the SPS airdrop to the playes holding the splinterlands assets. The concept was more you hold the game assets more the share you will get from daily Airdrop pool. We have seen the splinterlands assets were on peak at that time and te DEC token price was on his ATH.
I also started the accumulating the SPS and when the staking airdrop was announced I started stacking the StPtS also, APR for the staking was one of the best at that time and then Vouchers come into picture. The Vouchers were distributed based on the SPS staked and their was a different Voucher reward pool for same.

SPS Target

I decided to accumulate as much as I can and set a target of 75k SPS before the airfrop ends. The airdrop will end in week time and I am happy that I am very close to the 75k mark. At present I am holding 71.2k SPS in my game account and 2.8k in the Hive Engine account. The total numbers are more then 74k, out of which 63.76k are staked and remaining are in liquid form.
At present the price is lower side and the value of all SPS token I am holding is aprox $ 3.9k. The staked APR is more then 33%.

Hopefully the price of SPS will bounce back after the airdeop ends. The Splinterlands team has also give hint in the AMA in past also that the more use case of SPS will be introduced in the future which will for sure give value to SPS.

What are your views/plans let us know in the comments section.

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