First TeamPossible Guild Tournament Sucessfully completed

in #spt3 years ago

Today I hosted my first ever tournament for the guild I belong to.

You can learn more about Teampossible guilds here or visit us on discord.

Teampossible has 5 guilds under our banner.

Teampossible Diamond
Teampossible Power
Teampossible Troops
Teampossible Lobby

Our guild also has an asset backed token called the GUILD token you can read more about here

Back to the tournament...

At first I wasn't sure how many people would show up as this was a first ever tournament both for myself and the guild. I set the bar at a minimum of 10 people to play and setup the tournament about 10 days before it was scheduled to be played. I was very nervous about getting enough players to play for the first 6 days then on day 7 we cleared the 10 person entry barrier.

We had a pretty good turn out, in that 34 people registered for the tournament and 26 showing up to play.

To those that came to have fun at our tournament that are not part of our guild I want to say...

Thank you

@kleopatra99 (not sure if you are in our guild or not but thanks for coming!)

Here is how the tournament ended.

It was really awesome that of the top 8 players, 7 are from Teampossible guilds.
The top 5 player were all from Teampossible guilds which was pretty awesome!
Shout out to @caraxes @swedishdragon76 @warrentrx @jeremycrow and @stiant congrats on your victories.

Overall we raised 3400 DEC in entry fees which was given to the Teampossible guild as that is where @caraxes hails from.

I also sent over GUILD tokens to the top 5 placing Teampossible guild members.
@caraxes got 500 GUILD for 1rst place
@swedishdragon76 got 250 GUILD for 2nd place
@warrentrx got 100 GUILD for 3rd place
@jeremycrow got 100 GUILD for 4th place
@stiant got 50 GUILD for 5th place

I want to thank @warrentrx with helping to sponsor the tournament by donating 2000 DEC for prizes.

@vcdragon sorry I got distracted on that 3rd match and thought I hit the submit button but somehow did not, great matches 😆


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Great job, @golddeck, it was fun and a great success for Team Possible!!!

Awesome way of interacting with guild members. How does one sign up for a guild? Thanks!

I remember being SO nervous setting up tournaments... but that was back when we had to do everything manually... which was fun and insane all at the same time.

Now it's pretty easy to set up and watch it happen. Glad you had such a great experience!

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